I did it

I did a random little sketch just because I had the scene in my head. I let it be messy and loose and quick. that’s big deal. Usually I’d talk myself out of doing such a thing

but anyways, in the RP where Curtis marries Tony, he’s kinda become a damsel in distress. This is the third time he’s been mind-fucked by a baddie and this time he technically asked for it. He thought he was gonna be able to bring his previous family back but instead spent two months stuck in a dream that, to him, felt like six years. 

So Pepper, who likes Curtis quite a lot, is understandably happy to see him up and about. 

my aus are whacky and I love them

bedankt voor je mooie lach die ik elke schooldag zien mag als ik je tussen al die mensen vinden kan

I don’t get why some people are doing a lot of drama about Ayakane.
First of all, is purely fictional. You need to learn to separate fiction of reality. That’s the most important.
So, having this in mind, you can ship whatever you want. And if for some reason you are not agree with a pairing, darling, just avoid it. Do not create huge problems where none exist.
And that’s for all the pairings. None is wrong while it keep into the limits of the fiction.

before you get in the shower do you ever just..take one last look at yourself…wave goodbye to your beautiful self..