The Full Armor Mode was an enhancement plan devised by Takuya Irei while aboard the Nahel Argama and is based on Takuya’s extensive knowledge of mobile suits. After Banagher’s Newtype potential manifests itself, the psycoframe changes color to a vibrant green. Unlike other mobile suits with the Full Armor designation, the FA Unicorn does not consist of any additional armor for the MS frame itself (except extra shields). However it does introduce a large array of weapons, which are added to the legs, backpack and forearms.

At first glance, what appears to be a haphazard collection of weaponry is actually a superbly balanced set-up which draws out the maximum combat potential of the Unicorn. The new array of weapons includes two backpack-mounted hyper bazookas, numerous hand grenades and grenade launchers, missile pods, forearm-mounted Gatling guns, and two additional I-field-equipped shields, one on the backpack and the other on the right forearm. The backpack also features two massive vernier-boosters taken from a Base Jabber Type 94 to compensate for the increased mass, with one of the additional shields situated between them. The unit’s entire weapons load can be disconnected at any time if the ammunitions are completely spent to avoid becoming dead-weight. Like the base model Unicorn, the Full Armor Unicorn can take control of an enemy’s psycommu weapons, even Quasi-Psycommu bits, when the NT-D is activated.


“Precognition, the ability to read an enemy’s will and react beforehand, was a valuable ability for a pilot. Humans are creatures that unhesitatingly use their intelligence to attack their neighbors. Thus they made use of Newtypes and established the Newtype research institutes.

Originally, species changed in accordance with natural principles of mutation and natural selection. But humanity, with its unique ability and motivation, set out to create Newtypes artificially no matter what the cost.

Four knew no other name than Four Murasame. Now Four, surrounded by a psycommu system that artifically expanded her sensory and recognition powers, sighted the Zeta Gundam.”

- from Zeta Gundam Novel Vol. 4; by Yoshiyuki Tomino