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What did Yoonbum REALLY put in the food.

Okay I was rereading Killing Stalking with a friend and I kept wondering about the ratposion. 

I noticed how only Yoonbum got sick and Sangwoo showed no signs of illness. ((He didn’t even punish Yoonbum if he did know))

I first thought that maybe only Yoonbum got sick because he is frail and in a sickly state as it it. So it would make sense that he would get sick.

However despite Sangwoo being physically fit and healthy, he should have still gotten sick from the amount of rat poison that was in there, we could also note that he continued to eat it without forcing Yoonbum to eat more. 

So I went back to the pages where the closet was being cleaned and noticed the contraceptive pills

I wondered if possibly Sangwoo switched out the rat poison with contraception pills. He brought many girls over that probably carried them and his mom could have had some too. For what reasons, I’m not entirely sure, I’m still looking into it. 

With further about contraceptives and males; I discovered that if a male were to ingest these types of pills, nothing would happen except nausea in worst cases. If continued usage of the pills then the male would develop breasts basically. 

Since Yoonbum is so frail him getting sick from these makes sense. 

Because if it was indeed rat poison there was such a large amount of pills thrown in, Sangwoo would have gotten sick unless he knew and soon thrown up the food after eating it. However, we all know he would have punished Yoonbum for that. 

I’m still trying to wrap my head around it and adding in Yoonbum’s stress for ingesting “Rat Poison” could have gotten him sick too.

I’m possibly overthinking this but I’m sharing my thoughts as well. What do you all think? 

I may have just rambled.