One thing artist have to realize is that people will applaud you regardless of your skill or intellect and give you the illusion of success. 

Popularity doesn’t equal how good you are as an artist, if anything popularity is the enemy of the artist who wants to improve.

Then again it all really depends on what you call success, some artist just want their ¨name¨ to be famous and they´ll do what ever it takes to get that label out there, it wouldn't really MEAN anything once they do, other than having a really popular name.

Other artist target the intellectuals, the philosophers, the passionate, the few. Fame will be in their agenda but it´s not the main motive, it´s about a higher understanding of themselves and human nature, It´s the dissection of existence by the simple act of observation with the purpose of condensing it into a visual representation of that emotion and understanding…

It´s about the sensation you get once a painting/sketch is clicking, that moment where you´re lost in your painting and feel at peace …

It all really depends on what you choose and not confuse one scenario with the other, but ¨assuming¨ people love you for whatever reason based on your individual opinion is ignorance, taking the feed back you get without questioning it, is ignorance…

¨Artist¨ isn't a title, its a way of life, and you either are one or you´re not. 

The little things.

There was a part of me that wished i could have had that carefree phase in a university, where it´s all about creativity and exploring, meeting new people, etc.

There were times i wished i could have had responsible parents, ones that actually could guide me through life. Telling me what the next step in life is, instead of having to look at the choices my friend´s parents made for them to get an idea on what to do next.

I think those are the little things people take for granted, im always hearing how awful some guy thinks his parents are because they constantly pushed him to learn, and im like, dude you have no idea how it is to have a single parent who is completely clueless on education or life in general and another one hasn't shown his face in the last 11 years.

But i think the best part about the situation i got is that I´m not afraid of the unknown, because that's all i ever known…and that sometimes you´re ahead, sometimes you fall behind, but ultimately, you´re only racing against yourself.  

living without regret

When i say ¨I live without regret.¨ I´m not suggesting that I consider my every action perfect or that there´s nothing in my past I would even think about changing…but rather i acknowledge i had to pass through certain situations in order to grow and see life differently, and also to develop a new attitude for those predicaments. 

Some lessons were more painful than others but necessary without a doubt.

I have come to accept that there will be points in my life where I´m surrounded by friends and others where I´ll be all alone, but there´s no real way to control that instability.

That´s why i put a paw print along side my signature on some of my drawing, because the wolf is an animal capable of living on it´s own or with a pack, and I´m more than capable of working and being with people, but i choose not to get too attached to more than a hand full of people because i like my freedom.

With the passing of time I’ve learned that love is a very selfish act most of the time, people normally don't care where or how they get it, they just want to feel loved (whether it´s real or not) even if they´re in a committed relationship they need two or three close friends around to love them as well.(if not, things get bitter very quickly…)

but the funny thing is most people don't mind when more than one person loves them, but if more than one person loves their partner there´s jealously…selfish acts… 

Also, depending or needing people is a dangerous thing, it leads to abuse or neglect, because hardly anyone is willing to sacrifice their happiness for that of someone else. 

In a sick twisted way I’ve come to accept everything outside my being as either ¨fake¨ or ¨temporary¨, but i choose to go along with the charades because i don't really have much of a choice in the matter.

I love my friends and i love my family, but i learned that i shouldn't expect anything from them because it just leads to bitterness, never feeling like you´re close enough to them and so on.  

There´s days where im humorous, days when im artistic, days when im philosophical, psychotic or logical, calm, spiritual…

but im hardly the same thing two days in a row  

and partly, It´s because i live without regret.