Schizo feels

“I’m sure it’s just your anxiety I don’t see you as CRAZY”

Everyone’s out to get me

Is there actually a face on that or?

*Voices screeching and sighing* okay did I ask?

Not sleeping ever

Can anyone else hear that?

He’s staring at me they’re all staring

Don’t answer the phone, don’t eat that, don’t look at him, don’t do that.

Random shadows or people in the mirrors

The bugs

The ringing and buzzing of flies

Wondering if you’re actually real

Wondering if youre really doing what you’re doing

Not being able to explain to people or family members because they don’t care or don’t want to deal with you

Covering your ears doesn’t help

Rocking back and forth is so innocent and helpful

Thinking you’re fine and 3 seconds later thinking you need to be locked up

The voices arguing.

Shuddering, shoving, and screaming to keep from them touching you or touching it.

Nothing seems real

How do I know my family isn’t fake

Are my family robots

How do I know that my pets aren’t imaginary

Being genuinely suprised when there is a real bug on you

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