Oh, you mean my pilot’s license? That’s out back in the Cessna. Or perhaps you’re referring to my license to kill. Revoked. Trouble at the Kazakhstan border. I could give you the details but then I’d have to kill you, which I can’t do because my license to kill has been revoked.
—  Shawn Spencer

Please watch this with tissues.


TUESDAY THE 17TH IS TOMMORROW!! here are some edits I made for the occasion!! feel free to use these if you want (the first one makes a great FB cover photo) but please give credit to ‘Liberty Hoffman’ if you use them!! 

Remember when

In Season 1, when Shawn was able to recreate the Civil War reenactment scene based on the briefing board at the police station…
Which he saw for two minutes.

“You did this from memory?”
“Based on what?”
“The briefing board at the police station”
“You said you saw it for two minutes”
“Yeah. Two WHOLE minutes!”