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More about psychopaths vs sociopaths:

A lot of psychologists and experts argue over the two terms, but I think that this graphic sums up the general consensus I’ve seen on the internet.

Day 59

I don’t usually drink because it clouds my judgement and increases a risk of something bad happening, but I have noticed that on the rare occasion I do drink, I seem to feel emotion.

This is obviously just an effect of the alcohol, but it’s interesting. I feel very friendly, and my usual introverted and quiet personality turns into a loud, arrogant and very funny one instead. When I’m drunk everyone is my friend. I’m much more charming and tolerant, and I actually feel as though I like people, such as my friends.

Of course it’s because I’m drunk but
It’s interesting to experience actual uncontrollable emotions that I never thought I was capable of feeling.

Thoughts about Spn 12x20


I mostly liked this episode, even though it was really dark (why do you have to be like this Supernatural?) The BMoL-story spelled out some things we already know and moved the story into an expected direction. The witch-twins-story felt like a mirror to a mirror to a mirror; it referenced the past, it served as a parallel to both the brothers and Mary and their complicated relationship and it sure for foretod some stuff we will very likely see in the remaining episodes (and maybe the next season as well).

So, let’s take a closer look.

Alicia & Max

I admit I was both exited to see them again and at the same time worried they would kill of their only current queer character (well one that is already out of the closet), so… good news is Max survived.

But let’s start at the beginning. Alicia is worried, Max isn’t. The same way Dean was worried enough about their father that he went to Sam in the pilot and Sam tried to reassure him (of course things changed after Jess died). Alicia believes her brother is closer to their mother because they are both witches; Sam thought Dean was closer to John because they bonded through hunting. But as it turned out Sam was much more like John than Dean could ever be and Alicia’s instinct about her mother turned out to be right.

They paired up Sam with Alicia here and Dean with Max, and yeah I’m glad Dean got to spent some time with the cute boy (and Max complimenting the Impala was definitely flirting). But mostly it worked towards the end where Max’s situation paralled Dean’s. Yes, both Winchesters made deals in the past, but Max losing both a parent and a sibling reminded me most of Dean at the end of season 2. Both lost all of their (remaining) family. Both were desperate; if Dean wouldn’t have shot the witch Max would have taken the deal. And well, Dean knows it, he can’t even blame him. Their offer to stick around and help with the burial? That was because they already suspected Max to do something stupid. and now I’m pretty sure we will see him (and Robo!Alicia) again in season 13 and the Winchesters will learn what he did.

I really like the scene where Dean talked with Tasha (who is definitely a witch because she looks way too young to have two adult kids). I think it made sense for him to bond with a mom character; both because he has been a parent to Sam almost all of his life but also because he just learned to be a son again with the return of Mary. And what Tasha told him, that parents aren’t perfect but just people, is a lesson he learned all season long. For a moment I suspected him to flirt with her (because the actress was really gorgeous) but I’m glad they didn’t go there.

I think the case itself was full of foretelling. The witch tried to get out of her deal, to rest her burden on someone else. This season we already witnessed someone taking someone’s else deal: Mary swaping her place with her sons in 12x09. Something like this might happen again either with her or Cas (#cosmicconsequences). Dean prevented Max from taking the offer but in the end Max still made a deal; could it be that Sam or Dean make a deal even though Cas tried to prevent them from doing it?

Dean refered to Cas as a sock puppet and creepy dolls/marionettes is what we deal with. They still have their memories, they appear to be the real person, but they are not. Cas is currently not himself anymore. This might refer to Mary as well. We had two characters who were supposed to be dead but were still there in a way: Tasha as a doll and Mick who still seemed to sent messages. Mary is supposed to be dead but yet she is still around. Could this mean she is in some way or another not real/came back wrong from the dead? (Hello Buffy season 6 references, haven’t seen you in a while)

Ketch & Mary

It took a while for Mary’s bullshit dedector to work but I’m glad it still functions. I’m also glad that the episode explained to us that until now Mary hadn’t seen Ketch torture someone, that she didn’t kow he loves to do this, that, in her own words, he is a psychpath. It explains why up until now she no problem working with him. He was rough, sure. But rough is what Mary knows, rough is how she grew up. Rough is how she is (”not a hugger”), what made her attractive to Ketch in the first place and what is the reason for all her disconnection with Dean, because this is not what he needs (remember, Dean wuv hugs). Now she gets more inside into Ketch and it doesn’t take her long to figure out who he really is and what he has done (and what he plans to do).

Using a shapeshifter as the monster to toture of course was full of symbolism. I think the shifter did sense some form of affection Ketch has for Mary, hence taking her form, but it of course did foretell the end of episode, where the real Mary is about to get tortured. When the shifter took the form of Ketch we learned that Ketch lies all the time (psychopath, remember) but it also made me wonder; didn’t we learn in 1x06 that shifters have access to the memories and feelings of the one they turn into ? (The same way the dolls had acces to the memories of the one they impersonate) Did the shifter spell out some truths about Ketch while Mary was listening?

I think it is clear now that Ketch’s feelings for Mary are… complicated. Of course he wanted to sleep with her again and later he even offered her to keep her safe. He doesn’t seem to care about anyone but there is something about Mary (see what I did there?) that makes him soft. We will see if Mary might use this to her advantage/if it becomes Ketch’s downfall. Also while they were fighting he gave me major creeps; I thought for a moment he would assault her. But man that was a good fight; Mary is badass and sure knows how to use brass knuckles.

We know now more about the BMoL’s plan to kill all American hunters: Garth, Claire and Eileen are on their list (all connected to Sam & Dean) as well as the brothers. From those I think Garth is most likely to become a victim, simpy because I can’t see the show killing off Claire and/or Eileen (and hands off of Jody as well). Ketch also now knows Mary’s email password, so he might use this for a trap.

Sam & Dean

(Ok, mostly Dean)

I loved how Dean was full in worried boyfriend modus and even caled his mother to talk about it. The only reason he didn’t immediately tried to find Cas again was because Sam used the magic words: Tasha is on a hunting trip and hasn’t been home in a few days. This of course Dean gets.

Also, Dean was jealous of the family, of Tasha who seemed more like the mother he wished Mary to be, and her relationship to her children. But as Tasha said: parents are people after all.

Also also, Dean can’t hold a damn wine glass. Like really. That’s it. See you next week and hope the best from the worst (aka Bucklemming).

Honestly, one thing that bothers me about BD trying to be a sympathetic villain is that *she doesn’t have a fucking motive*. We’re supposed to feel sorry for her because PD was killed, but what’s been her motive for being a horrible dictator?

The best way to write a sympathetic villain is to have a tragic MOTIVE behind their actions. Kilgrave from Jessica Jones was a psychpathic murderer and rapist because his parents ran horrific experiments on him and abandoned him when he got mind altering superpowers, and thus he never learned right from wrong, so he just takes what he wants. (BTW I adore his character arc since they managed to pull off a sympathetic villain that remains evil.) Prince Zuko from ATLA tried to hunt down and kill the avatar to appease his abusive father and fit in with his family. Hell, even Peridot was just trying to do her job and she got frantic after being stuck on earth with a ticking time bomb. Motive, motive, MOTIVE. A villain’s shitty actions need EXPLANATION to be sympathetic.

Thus far, we haven’t seen any motive for BD to become an evil dictator. She just does it because she can, and she doesn’t care about anyone but herself. YD would have actually been better (y'know, making the cluster to destroy the place that destroyed PD) but now they’re trying to make her out to be the real murderer all along.


*SuperWhoLock* I just want one episode, one crossover episode of this please Lord (tv writers) make it real!

“I did have plans to cut her up to see what she looked like inside. We got lost in the ravine in the dark and getting out seemed more important. I had a penknife with me. When you’re naive, a penknife seems enough to kill with.”

When Peter Woodcock was a teenager, he killed three young children in Canada. When he was captured he was diagnosed as a psychpath and was sent to psychiatric facility. When it seemed that he had improved in 1991 he was sent to a medium-security hospital. It was here that he fell in love with a fellow psychiatric patient who refused his sexual advances. When Woodcock was allowed on his first weekend pass for 35 years, he stabbed the man he fell in love with to death. He was re-captured a few hours later, and this photograph was taken, showing his victims blood on his shirt.