FLESH EATING FILM REELS. When I was a kid, before cable TV was nonstop BLOCKBUSTER shit, weird shorts like this would play between movies. FLESH EATING FILM REELS still exists in that same influential part of my brain with old reruns of NIGHT FLIGHT and COMMANDER USA. Enjoy!

Jack Davis art for Famous Monsters of Filmland letter feature-I wrote to FM-never got published. Ah well.I did get published in Psychotronic Video! Twice!

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Please watch this, it is fucking magical from start to end…


When Holly Maddux disappeared without a trace in 1977, all signs pointed to her ex-boyfriend, Ira Einhorn.  The last time she was seen alive, she had been en route to collect her belongings from the apartment they once shared. But with little to go on, it was 18 months before the mystery was solved, and Maddox’s partially mummified remains were found in Einhorn’s closet.  Just days before his scheduled trial, Einhorn fled the country and headed for Europe, where he evaded authorities for 23 years. Einhorn, or ‘The Unicorn Killer’, as he was also known, was convicted in absentia, and sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.  

After a lengthy extradition process, where Einhorn managed to successfully request a new trial, he finally returned to the US in July of 2000.  Taking his own defence, he claimed that Maddux was murdered by the CIA in an elaborate attempt to frame him for his research into psychotronics.  Funnily enough, the jury didn’t buy it, and Einhorn will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Home (Morgan Yu Reader insert)

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wow i hate myself i can’t get into a game anymore without falling in love with a character. ALSO KINDOF AVOIDING THE ENDING OF THIS GAME. WOWIE IM SO HURT.

anyway im not really back yet cause i have alot of work rn, too much is happening in the real world! 

I hope i can get back on this godforsaken account soon.

“(Y/N)! You won’t believe what I found out today!”

You turned to look and you smiled at him. His raven hair was messy, and he was breathing hard; he must of ran from Psychotronics to your office.

Even so, he still had a huge grin plastered on his face, and his eyes glinted with excitement.

“Well, I can’t wait for you to tell me about it… Morgan.”

That memory seemed to be from a thousand years ago. You brushed your hair back, staring in the mirror. Even though it was cracked, you didn’t have to look for long to realize that you looked like shit. You had small abrasions all across your cheeks, and your skin had paled, and your eyes…

Your eyes lacked life.

“(Y/n).” A voice called out to you. You blinked, and turned to see your friend, Say’ri. “We have to get moving. The longer we wait, the farther he’ll be from us.”

You felt guilty; Like you, she had lost life as well.

For the past few years, You and Say’ri had been on the run. In March 2032, One of the Mimics had broken containment, and killed Bellamy. After that, the mimics spread like a wildfire, destroying everything in sight. The worse part about it, is that they ‘mimic’ objects, meaning they hide in plain sight. You had lost a lot of people in this struggle with the mimics; good people. People with family, homes, and dreams.

You nodded, and walked past her, picking up your knife.

“(Y/N), I know you’re gonna get mad, but I’m going to do the Neuromod testing.”


“H-hey! Please don’t cry! You know i can’t deal with you when you cry!”

“You… You-”

What a jerk. You thought to yourself, After everything we’d been through, he still did the tests. He up and left me behind

“(Y/n)…” A voice called.

“(Y/n)!” Say’ri shouted, readying her shotgun.

You unsheathed your knife, and scolded yourself. Now was not the time to get all melodramatic. People still needed to get to safety.

The humanoid Phantom turned with an unnatural stance, its body twisted and bent. It teleported in front of you and you slashed upwards, making it stagger back. Say’ri shot the Phantom, blowing it back, but her attack wasn’t enough to stun it. The Phantom roared and hit the knife out of your hand. It flew across, and clattered on the floor. Your eyes widened as the Phantom reared back, ready to kill.

You flinched; it seemed like you would never get to see him again.

Suddenly, there were shots, and you opened your eyes to see the Phantom covered in GLOO, immobilized.

But neither you or Say’ri carried a GLOO gun…

“Run! (Y/N)!!” the voice shouted again. You turned and grabbed Say’ri’s hand and ducked for cover. Now the shots of a shotgun were heard, and you peeked over the desk you ran behind to see a man in a red TranStar suit. You focused on the man’s features– or what little you could see of them. Then your eyes widened. That hair… that suit…

The Voltaic Phantom had been defeated, its corpse splattered on the ground, and the man was breathing hard.

“I barely made it…” He cried in relief and huffed a sigh, turning around to look at you two.

“Are you two alright?” Morgan Yu asked, lowering his weapon.

Morgan Yu, your best friend. He was alive. He was in front of you. And he wasn’t going anywhere. Not again.

Your eyes watered, and you bit your cheek, not sure what to feel.

“Sorry I’ve been gone for so long.” He walked up to you, and took in both of your hands. You blinked and your tears wet his gloved hands. He then took you into a full embrace, letting out a deep sigh as you burst into tears.

“I’m back.”