~Ereri Secret Santa~

Title: Two Negatives Make a Positive

Recipient: psychoticsarcasm

Contents: Rated M: Kissing, a blowjob, anti-festive men, First Person POV

Summary: Hanji doesn’t take no for an answer when it comes to inviting someone to a Christmas party. Her subordinates can be practically black mailed if she feels they need to be and her best friend can get roped into going due to being kidnapped. It makes for some happy people at this party.

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witchysarcasm  asked:

1,4,5, and 8 ^_^

1:Do you sleep on a blanket over your mattress with another blanket on top, or with just one blanket on top of you?

The layers of me bed essentially go mattress, down mattress pad, fitted sheet, me, sheet, big down comforter. So not really a blanket, but I do have a mattress pad that I have a hard time sleeping without (you can ask Alex, my bed is soft as hell)

4:The funniest nickname you can come up with for ___________ ?

I think this may be a question that you had to give me something to nickname here.

5:What type of art could you always appreciate but never see yourself actually doing?

Dance. I have two left feet, I like to try my hand at swing dancing sometimes but i’d much rather watch my very talented friends dance than fumble through and hold them back u-u

8:You can choose any world to go to from any book, movie, video, fanficion, etc, and the option to become the main character. Where would you go, and would you be involved in the main story, or just watching on the sidelines?

I think this one would go with Harry Potter, but I would absolutely not want to become the main character, ever. I think i’d like to be someone who like, graduated in Harry’s first year, so I could get all that magic Hogwarts glam without the battle of Hogwarts death.