Surviving Halloween with Psychosis

- The picture test: If you can’t tell if something is a hallucination or not, take a photo! If it shows up in the picture then you have a keepsake of that crazy creepy Halloween decoration. If not it’s a hallucination (or a vampire. No, i’m kidding it’s a hallucination.)

- Is some kid in mask causing paranoia? Ask them where they got their costume. Did they make it? How did they get the idea? Focusing on the person inside of the costume will help you remember that it’s just a person!

- Avoid haunted houses, haunted hayrides, ect. Actors will not stop scaring unless it’s an emergency, and I’ve yet to find a place that teaches actors how to deal with anything other than physical injuries. (I once met a haunted house actor who said causing a panic attack meant he was “doing his job right.”)

- There’s no shame in asking friends and relatives to avoid sending jump scare videos or anything else that could cause paranoia.

Here are some tips on how to tell if a video is a screamer.

- (from freeasthepaperburns) Boggart it! If something is making you upset, make it silly. dance with the shadows, sing to the creepies, I bet if make a fish face at the scary face it’ll be a little less scary. I know this is harder than it sounds, but I’ve gotten better at it over the time, and find it helps!

Stay safe babes!

Things people need to accept when it comes to having a conversation with me:

  • I can talk very fast.
  • I may mumble.
  • I might do both at once.
  • I’ll probably speak in broken sentences at times.
  • I often say words in the wrong order.
  • I might take ages to speak because I’m trying to make sure I make sense.
  • I sometimes talk in circles and never reach my point.
  • Occasionally I’ll think I’m talking without actually doing so.
  • I cannot help it when any of this happens.

You deserve love if you’re mentally ill
You deserve love if you hallucinate
You deserve love if you’re paranoid
You deserve love if you’re violent or angry
You deserve love if you show symptoms in public
All mentally ill people deserve love, not just those of us who have ‘normal’ symptoms
You also deserve respect if you’re mentally ill
You deserve respect when you’re delusional
You deserve respect when you’re hallucinating
You deserve respect when you split
You deserve respect when you’re having a panic attack
You deserve respect when you can’t function
Mentally ill people deserve respect all of the time and I love all of you

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