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i'm looking for fics where the main theme ISN'T : children josh and tyler, teenage josh and tyler, highschool AU, psychotic or severe mental illness, prison, Blurryface as a separate person. I know this is a lot but I just want something where they're ADULTS doing ADULT things, or CANON like in a band. Anything that sounds like the real them, please. :)

these are actually very hard to find, as most authors write aus, so here’s what i’ve found -Madi

all this and heaven too by heavydiirtysoul (1/1 | 1301 | General)

Falling down on stage hurts, even when you do it in a (kind of) controlled way. Luckily for Tyler, Josh has the perfect solution to make the bruises hurt a little less.

just need a little young love to ease my mind by voxious (1/1 | 1091 | Mature)

“I’m- I am connecting everything,” Tyler stutters, growing frustrated with the plains of tense muscle, so he spreads his fingers. Fluttering them and circling the constellations of freckles that become apparent. “Wanted to see if it made sense.”

day off by blurryxvessel (1/1 | 1969 | Not Rated)

Tyler and Josh spend their day off together. I just randomly came up with this and i thought it was cute.

waking up by voxious (1/1 | 1258 | General)

Josh still remembers the way Tyler stood. With his head tilted slightly, leaning in the back doorway leading to the patio and pool, looking about as interested in this party as Josh had. The setting sun cast orange rays through his hair and pink shadows across his cheeks and Josh was torn between being immediately very not ready and immediately so ready his jaw ached from clenching it.

Okay, I won’t lie; Zin is SUPER FUN TO DRAW. Oh my goodness it was so great experimenting certain poses with him and stuff ahh! (And the fact that I feel like I got the Al hair FINALLY suited into my drawing style feels great XD)

So at first I was thinking: “HE HAS TO BE SUPER CRAZY AND PSYCHOTIC” but I decided once I did my first sketch that idea wasn’t gonna happen, so I went for a more “playful menacing” look. I don’t think you’ve confirmed whether Zin has magic or not but I’m pretty sure he would be, so I made his hand giving off some black magic as he’s beckoning the viewer to come closer. (Also a little headcanon of mine is that his magic would look like smoke. Like the kind that you see that comes from a broken down car, bus, etc. from a cartoon.) Giving a quote for Zin was fun too, not gonna lie XD

So yeah, here’s my drawing of Zin! Can’t wait for the next part of this story that’s unfolding ^^ - The Friendly Anon
OMG YAS! That looks so bad-ass! And yea, he’d have magic. He’ll explain it in the next post ;)

Bruh, this pic is so creepy I love it so much. XD

i think my grandma has been psychotic most of her life but nobody really mentioned anything abt it, wrote it off as quirks and she’s coped perfectly from what i can tell so i have nothing negative to say but i think i’m uhhh developing some tendencies and symptoms that were not here before and i’m unsure as to what’s happening but i’m not unhappy or scared ? and stigma tells me that’s dangerous? but it doesn’t have to be. thanks for reading i have a migraine

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2pitaly would be a grumpy old man who would prefer to do work over and over, and is really a hardworking man, while 2pgermany is this guy often chill and laidback tbh, and imagine how much difficult it is for 2pitaly to get out of the bed when 2pgermany's like hugging him like a freaking cute pillow. People should portray them more to be mere opposite of their counterparts, an interest twist of relationships more like to me 2/2

I agree that seeing them as psychotic murderers only is very poor. Still, I won’t lie I think it’s a fun idea when it is combined with the literal opposite personality you wrote. I mean, 2p’s were not defined in canon how they truly are, so they can be interpreted as the fans wish. By the way, my 2p!Germany headcanon is similar to what you’ve described. :)

First part

Oh hey, so ya’ll know, it’s never okay to throw people who experience psychosis (or “psychos” as so many people like to refer to us as) under the bus in order to make people with other mental illnesses and personality disorders, who don’t also have psychosis, feel “sane”. (”You’re not crazy. People who hallucinate are crazy. But you, you’re not crazy. It’s okay.” etc.)


Don’t you do it.

Do not.

Things people need to accept when it comes to having a conversation with me:

  • I can talk very fast.
  • I may mumble.
  • I might do both at once.
  • I’ll probably speak in broken sentences at times.
  • I often say words in the wrong order.
  • I might take ages to speak because I’m trying to make sure I make sense.
  • I sometimes talk in circles and never reach my point.
  • Occasionally I’ll think I’m talking without actually doing so.
  • I cannot help it when any of this happens.

You deserve love if you’re mentally ill
You deserve love if you hallucinate
You deserve love if you’re paranoid
You deserve love if you’re violent or angry
You deserve love if you show symptoms in public
All mentally ill people deserve love, not just those of us who have ‘normal’ symptoms
You also deserve respect if you’re mentally ill
You deserve respect when you’re delusional
You deserve respect when you’re hallucinating
You deserve respect when you split
You deserve respect when you’re having a panic attack
You deserve respect when you can’t function
Mentally ill people deserve respect all of the time and I love all of you

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Psychotic Disorders

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