psychopathic family

There’s this “Hierarchy of Abuse” in abusive families and environments, it’s like an unsaid law about who is allowed to hurt who, for example take the most dangerous, most terrifying parent, they’re allowed to abuse everyone in the family, to use any measure to dominate the field and have their way every time, and everyone else is to endure it and put their heads down and obey, and this kind of continual abuse is going to build up frustration and anger and family members won’t be able to keep that down for long, they can’t confront the main abuser or call them out because that’s too dangerous, too risky, they might end up punished even worse for daring to speak up, so they pick their targets, family members who are more unlikely to retaliate, the ones with less power, and take it out on them instead. 

That’s how you get a mother taking out abuse on her children, (or father, if mother is the main abuser) because if he is allowed to abuse her all he wants, then at least she should get to treat children any way she wants, since they’re lower in the hierarchy of power, they can’t defend or strike back, and she will feel safe to hurt them, she will even demand that they have to understand that she has it rough so they should at least let her take it out on them. She’s in that way “re-claiming” some power, in a twisted way because hurting a child does not give you power, it makes you a piece of shit. I’ve seen this turn around though, sometimes the children will be allowed in actual higher place in hierarchy and will get to abuse the mother! If the main abuser favours a child over the mother and supports the abuse of mother, the children will follow because they don’t want to end up the last in hierarchy and take the worst of the abuse. But the original structure is, one parent abuses another, sometimes children too, and the other parent gets to take it out on the children, and children then get to take it out on each other, older child on the younger, or sometimes it will be the reverse, if the main abuser favours a younger child it will actually get to beat and abuse the older one. 

This kind of “Abuse Hierarchy” will stay rooted inside of a child’s brain and the person will study every new environment to find their place in hierarchy, to figure out who they need to tolerate abuse from, and who they can hurt all they want because they can and will get away with it, that’s how you get bullies, violent children, and later, people who will fight to be at the highest possible position in hierarchy, at work and in society, merely to abuse that position and abuse and humiliate as many people as possible, they’re still living out their childhood, fighting to be the main abuser so they could control everyone and get their way every time, that’s what the hierarchy creates, a fight to always be on top, to always be the strongest abuser. 

And of course, there’s those who have always been on the last place in Abuse Hierarchy. The ones who took abuse from everyone else. They learned they have no worth and no sense except to take abuse from others. They blame themselves for being in the last place, as if it’s their fault they were born into a situation that destroys them slowly, for other’s benefit. They don’t want to be on the top, they don’t want to hurt anyone, because they know how bad it feels to be on the other side. They wont fight to abuse anyone. They try to help others, to do good, to deserve better. They’re not harmful, but they carry a heavy burden of guilt and shame that isn’t theirs to carry. They’re exploited so everyone else in the hierarchy would have it better. They’re taking all the frustrations, pain, insults, emotional abuse, psychological damage, even physical damage in their bodies and minds so that others wouldn’t have to carry it. They get destroyed. Nobody acknowledges it. They get no credit. They’re dehumanized. Their lives used to make everyone else’s lives easier.

Abusers would be nothing without the last ones in hierarchy. Abusers would never be able to feel superior, strong, powerful or great without having someone to humiliate and hurt. Abusers are empty, just a shell of a person, no worth or humanity inside, they think the ability to destroy what is good, to hurt and abuse what is good makes them powerful, that damage, rather than creation, makes them great. They’re not great. They’re nothing. They don’t do anything for this world. They’re a burden to society, their family, and the ones they force into the toxic hierarchy. They owe everything they are, and everything they have, to those they abused the most.

Richard Ramirez.

Serial killer Richard Ramirez Was in love with the band AC DC and till his death he believed some songs where written for him.

Also Richard was a verry childish men who loved Disney, that is where his all famous quotes comes from, “Big deal, Death always comes with the territory, See you in Disneyland” witch he said on while in court.

Richard loved drawing Disney characters, the drawings are still for sale and also his famous paintings.

Baby Daddy

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


Imagine: You discovered you’re pregnant with Klaus’ baby and has to tell your siblings, Damon and Stefan. 


Word Count: 1228

“Are you sure you can do this? Tell your brothers you’re pregnant?”

It was a tough question to answer. You spent a whole month thinking and trying to find the strength to work it out. But, somehow, time did not make it easy. Actually, you were more anxious than ever. You knew exactly how your siblings, Damon and Stefan, would react. Especially when you tell them who the father is. Only imagining it made you feel like throwing up. 

“No. I’m so scared it hurts.”

“I’ll be with you.”

“Not sure if that helps, Klaus.”

So, Klaus Mikaelson was your baby daddy. You and him had thing for each other since the first day you met. Of course, you were not able to tell anyone. He was obsessed on killing Elena to break some sort of curse and did so many bad things to archive his goal that all your friends would think you were crazy to love him. So you hid it. From everyone. Until… Well, right now. 

Klaus grabbed your hand and, through soft strokes, tried to calm you down. He had been weirdly sweet to you since he found out. Which reminded you the night you discovered you were pregnant. You busted into his house to let him know the news. Deep down you wanted an answer. Why you, out of everyone, had to get knocked up by the hybrid. The only thought in your mind was “man, that’s bad luck.” 

“Should we get in now, Y/N?”

“No. I mean, yes. We should.”

“Then let’s go.”

You stopped, staring deep into his blue eyes.

“Thank you for doing this with me.”

“I feel like I should. It’s my child and, sort of, my fault you’re in this.”

“Not entirely your fault.” You giggled. “Let’s get in. Before I lost the courage.”

The Mikaelson smiled and you sighed, remembering the night he made you his. It was pouring rain and you were stuck inside the Mystic Grill. A shot of whiskey was sitting in front of you, half drank, while you were lost in thoughts. Most of them revolved around how annoying Damon had been. You were lucky he had not followed you there. 

A couple drinks later, Niklaus showed up, with his small talk and captivating light. Since you were way more loose from the alcohol, you just let it go. When you came down to yourself, you were naked, gasping and laughing with the blond. It was definitely an unforgettable night.

“Damon? Stefan? Are you guys home?”

A month later, the morning sickness started, which got you worried, because vampires don’t normally throw up out of nothing. Surely the pregnancy thought never occurred to you, at least not until the witch you found to help said so. She stated you were part of some sort of prophecy. However, from the minute you heard you were carrying a baby, nothing else mattered. There was a little person inside of you. Growing. A child conceived by you with an Original. 

You left the witch talking to herself and went to your baby daddy’s house. Klaus was painting, furiously, but he stopped the minute he saw you. His blue eyes confused. Shyly, you told him what you had discovered. Then he laughed, almost screaming you were a fake.

I don’t have to lie to you, Niklaus. Especially about this. I am carrying a child. And it is yours. You don’t have to be a part of this baby’s life if you don’t want to. Just know it’s here.”  You softly replied, leaving before he could retort. 

Little time had passed till Elijah came to you, assuring he would talk to his brother and get him to embrace fatherhood. Although you were too hurt by what the Original Hybrid had said, you nodded, accepting it. You knew Klaus would never cave in and come to apologise. That’s why you got so surprised by his presence later in your doorstep, claiming he truly wanted to get to know you and his child.

“I’m here.” Both Damon and Stefan answered.

“Please, come here a second.”

Your nightmare was about to become real. You shuddered a little and squeezed Klaus’ hand strongly, looking for support. Damon entered the living room first, followed closely by Stefan. Their skin lost a few tones, if that was possible.

“What is he doing here?”

“Damon, just listen to me.”

“No, tell me right now.”

“He’s here with me.”

“Why? Is he your boyfriend or something?”

“Yes. I mean, he’s something.”

“Y/N, what have you done?” Stefan asked, slowly. “I know that face. I lived with it for a hundred years. Spill the beans.”

“Hum. I’m… I’m… Baby. Me. Klaus. Daddy.” You babbled, insecure.

“What do you mean?” Damon questioned, his eyes narrowed and eyebrows raised. “Stop playing games, for fuck’s sake.”

“Okay. I’m pregnant.” You whispered.

“I beg your pardon?” Stefan widened his eyes. “You’re what?”

“Pregnant. With Klaus’ child. That’s why I’ve been acting so weird lately. There’s a baby growing inside of me. I’m almost four months.”

“Are you crazy?” Damon screamed. “You’re a vampire. Vampires don’t get knocked up. And you slept with the enemy? Really? Is his…”

“Shut up!” Tears were already rolling down your face. “I love him. And he loves me. We know that for awhile now. I was just so scared…”

“I can’t believe that. You’re such a bitch.”

“Damon, she is out sister. Stop taking your frustrations over her.”

“No, she deserves it. He fucking tried to kill Elena! Murdered Jenna! Sent Tyler away! And she still let him in her pants.”

“You should shut up, mate. I’m not going to let you treat your sister like that. We don’t do that to family. No matter what they have done.”

“Look who’s talking: the person who daggers his siblings whenever he’s mad enough.”

“Damon, please.” You pleaded, your voice affected by the sobbing. “I just wanted you to be okay with this. I’m having your nephew, or niece. It’s family.”

“Hell no, you chose a psychopath over your family. And you didn’t even have the gut to tell us.”

“I was scared!”

The electric blue eyed vampire shook his head and, fast enough, he was gone, leaving you crying and devastated. 

“Look, Y/N, he’ll forgive you. I’ll make sure of that. I don’t know what you saw in Klaus, but if he makes you happy, fine by me. And this child you bearing… Count with me for everything,” Stefan stated, wiping the tears from your eyes. “I’ll be here for you.”

“I just wanted…”

“Don’t worry. I’ll go after him.”

“I’m sorry.”

Klaus squeezed you against his chest, as Stefan went after Damon. The second you were all alone, you allowed yourself to cry even harder against the Mikaelson’s shirt, leaving it wet. He only stroke your hair and stayed silent, respecting your pain.

“Can I ask you something?" 

"Anything, love.”

“Promise you’ll be with me. For as long as I’m carrying this baby.”

“I promise. Nobody can drag me away from you. Or her.” He guaranteed, touching your belly.


“It’s girl. I can feel it.”

“Nah, I bet it’s boy.”

“We’ll see.”

You giggled, grasping his shirt and kissing him passionately. As he pulled you closer, you knew that, no matter what happened, he would be by your side and live up to his promise. 

My mom made a conclusion ….. Peter Hale loves his daughter, and began to quickly change for the reason that only when Malia was born, he already loved her and was trying to protect her, and the memories he asked Thalia delete it, because he could not cope with the separation from his daughter. And so, the feeling is not the usefulness haunted him all his life. But Peter did not understand why he felt so bad, so trying to find the fact that he needed the power … then that will help to cope with the unbearable separation.
And once when Mom took all these thoughts together I was sucks because now I certainly understand Peter. All he would need is to be with his baby, and only then everything will return to normal.

mother who understands the actions of a psychopath…

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