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Diagnosis "Monster"

1. The problem of being diagnosed “monster” is that you realize if someone had to kill you or anyone else, they would always choose you.
And you know this because given the same choice between a “monster” and someone else, you’d do the same thing.

2. The problem is if one is diagnosed with “monster” they don’t think that maybe “monster” is not necessarily bad, but that they have been bad all along.

3. The problem is that you weren’t a “monster” once, were you?

4. The problem is “monster” is just a term.

5. The problem is there are different kinds of “monster”, but no one will ever be put into the subcategory “human monster”.

6. The problem is “monster” will become a shadow making you do things you might never have as a “human”, because that’s what “monsters” do, isn’t it?

7. The problem is that for a second you might see an other “monster”. You either think you are superior or the same. But at the end “monsters” are to be avoided.

8. The problem is that “monsters” have to be chained and hidden.

9. The problem is that the diagnosis “monster” means something different for everyone.

10. The problem is that monsters don’t exist.

(As this concerns everyone feel free to add points, or to send me what you’d like to add.)

The culmination of all this came in 1990, when as part of a generally controversial immigration bill, both houses accepted without a formal vote an amendment that completely repealed one of the most explicitly anti-gay provisions in American law: the amendment adopted in 1952, and strengthened in 1965, that prohibited any gay men or lesbians from coming to America as either permanent residents or even as tourists.

In fact, the history of the gay and lesbian immigration exclusion is a good example both of how far we have come in the fight against prejudice and how far we have yet to go. An anti-gay provision was put into the immigration law in 1952, but unwilling to use indecorous language, the authors of that provision used the phrase “psychopathic personality” to designate homosexuals for exclusionary purposes. In 1965, fearful that the liberal Warren Court might find that language constitutionally inaccurate as a basis for excluding lesbians and gay men, the Johnson administration and the very liberal Congress, elected in 1964, collaborated to tighten the language, lest any lesbians or gay people slipped through the net. They added the phrase “sexual deviation.”

The 1965 immigration law was generally regarded as a liberal one, and it was supported by all of the liberal organizations in America. The fact that this liberalization of immigration law included a tightening of the anti-gay and lesbian provision did not appear to make much difference to its supporters. A search of the appropriate records shows that at no point in the process was there any articulated opposition to including that effort to further strengthen the homophobic content of the immigration law.

Twenty-five years later, when Congress next revised the illegal immigration law, an amendment that I offered at the House Judiciary Committee — to strike this anti-gay and lesbian language entirely from the law — was accepted with equally little controversy and was included in the House/Senate compromise version enacted at the end of that session. Obviously there were people in Congress at the time who vigorously opposed this repeal, but just as in 1965 when those who supported gay and lesbian rights felt that they lacked the political context in which to raise the issue, it was the bigots in 1990 who apparently felt there would be no point in trying to start a fight. Consequently, the section of the 1990 law repealing this enactment of prejudice passed as easily as the original enactment had twenty-five years earlier.

At the same time, the 1990 bill repealed the provision of the law that had been successfully inserted by Senator Jesse Helms in 1986, which required that all people with HIV infections be excluded from immigrating to this country. The effect of replacing this provision was to give the president the authority to make regulations regarding people with HIV in exactly the same manner as with any other disease. In 1991, when this had taken effect, the public health officials in the Bush administration recommended to the president that he use his authority to drop the restriction from the law. But he refused to do so. The recommendation of his public health officials was not enough to counter the political pressure from the right wing, which proved itself to be the greater power in setting public health policy within this administration.

And so, the fight goes on.


Barney Frank, foreword to the 1992 edition of Positively Gay: New Approaches to Gay and Lesbian Life, as reprinted in the 3rd edition (2001).

i have issues with barney frank too, but some of this history was new to me.

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Can you do "1" for all your projects?

1. describe the plot in 1 sentence.

Mariam loves Yeshua, but Judah loved him first.

It’s not the fall that kills Icarus after Apollo burns him; it’s the landing.

All the beauty in the world means nothing in a land abandoned from God.

Death’s Kiss
The underworld is never as dark as it seems.

Murderer’s Maze
Monsters are psychopaths in a human skin.

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Just finished reading Jon Ronson’s The Psychopath Test. I find it hilarious that Larries are using it as fodder for their belief in Larry. In the book he talks about conspiracy theorists and online attacks and how ignoring them is the only way to deal with them. Funny enough he has written another book about conspiracy theories as well. He also talks about online shaming, also the subject of his latest book.

what happened

Will try to make this short

I was taking a shower and when I got out of the shower I found my front door open. I found my boyfriend had let himself in (broke in?) somehow, completely unannounced, and he was reading through my journal. Now, THANK GOD English isn’t my first language and I write in my journal in my native language but he still got some of it.
So he’s pretty drunk and he’s telling me how he’s a psychopath and he’s can’t feel empathy and how he’s only faking it to seem normal, and how I’m the only thing in his life that he cares about (”you and the fact that you’re mine, only mine, forever”). When he notices how upset I am, he starts hurting me and hitting me, but trying to make it seem like he’s just playing around but he gets angrier and angrier the more I tell him to stop because he’s hurting me.
Then he starts hitting my cat which is when I go into hysterics. I take my cat and I lock myself in the bathroom with her. He’s outside yelling at me. (This was when I posted on tumblr btw.)

Neighbors called the police. My boyfriend managed to convince them that I was having a psychotic break and was trying to commit suicide. Seems probable because I’m having a panic attack and I have self harm scars. One of the police officers was a drinking buddy of my boyfriend. The police wanted to take me to the psych ward but I refused. Eventually they left. I left my apartment and wandered around outside for a while, when I came back my boyfriend had gone.

Now I blame myself a lot because I was acting pretty hysterical and irrational, since I’m terrified of burglars and finding my door open sent me into a panic. Woke up today to a text from my bf saying “hey sexy” so I guess I still have some talking to do.

Been on the phone with people from the psych ward the whole day, trying to convince them that I don’t need to be brought in.

I just wanna say THANK YOU to all the people who sent me support, either through here or through texting me. It’s unbelievable to me how srangers can care so much about my safety. Thank you so so so much

AU where Eurus isn’t a psychopath (I know that’s what makes her who she is but I love her and I just want her to be HAPPY) but is an even bigger sociopath than her brothers, and her parents make sure she gets help to handle her problems rather than just locking her up somewhere

-She eventually manages to join Sherlock and Victor’s pirate game, becoming the first lady pirate on their ship (and shooting and fighting just like the two boys.)

-Sherlock and Eurus growing up having a bond no one else can understand. Playing together, planning experiments together, pulling pranks on Mycroft (Who’s always annoyed by them but secretly loves them and is amused watching them play)

-Victor NOT being murdered but instead growing up being a close friend with Sherlock and connecting with Eurus and they become a three way thing.

-Everyone in their school knows about the Holmes brother and sister genius duo. They think Sherlock is condescending and Eurus is creepy, but they couldn’t care less. They don’t hang out with people but each other and Victor (other kids are just too stupid and slow), making deductions and social experiments in the school yard and laughing while no one understands. Sherlock and Victor kind of drift apart over the years but they keep in touch, and in their grown years, when Sherlock lives in 221B every once in a while Victor comes to visit and calls “Yellowbeard!” to which Sherlock answers “Redbeard!” and they start imitating pirate fights and John is kinda like “wtf”

-Teachers sending Eurus to the school’s council several times after disturbing suggestions of theoretical psychological experiments on human beings in psychology/sociology class. Every time she has to sigh and explain that she’s “Not a psychopath, I’m a high functioning sociopath, my parents had me tested.” Despite all that, she was very talented in getting out of trouble since she was very persuasive. (Which was useful whenever Sherlock got caught smoking in school.)

-Eurus and Sherlock helping each other to deal with their depression and feeling of emptiness that follows their intellectual abilities and mentality. Having long philosophical debates into the night. Eurus and Mycroft taking care of Sherlock when they find him passed out on drugs for the first time. They’re broken and furious and worried. “How could you be so stupid?” Eurus asks angrily. Sherlock answers weakly, “I’m not as clever as you.”

-Sherlock still ends up being a detective because a lot of people become detectives without having their childhood friend murdered so why the fuck not

-Sherlock and Mycroft fighting over who’s the smart one and Eurus is like “Shut up both of you, I’M the smart one.”

-Eurus working in highest most secret levels of the government, alongside her brother. Her talents and flexible morality are perfect for the government’s needs. Whether it’s processing information better than any computer to find out about possible dangers and terminate them, or using her psychological manipulation abilities to make criminals give out information or convince them to get that information for them. Since this use of her talent is unconventional and highly immoral, this specific part of her job is kept secret and outside her ranks is only heard of in rumors and is known as “The East Wind”.

- Moriarty was brought to her after she tracked him as a dangerous personality, and he was the first and only person she’s met who wasn’t only clever enough to resist her methods, but to play back. It was never such a challenge for her to crack someone. (She did eventually of course.)

-Moriarty becoming the Irene to her Sherlock in the way that yes he’s a criminal but holy shit they can’t resist their chemistry and fascination of each other and he didn’t do any verifiable crime anyway

-Mycroft being so exasperated by his two siblings like “can you two stop fucking criminals” and they’re like “lol nope”

-Until of course Moriarty decides to make bringing Sherlock down his personal goal because NO ONE MESSES WITH HER LITTLE BROTHER

You know what’s bad about Split? 
Neurotypicals already think lowly of those of us that “appear crazy”. This movie is going to make them think even further that we’re all monsters, psychopaths, murderers, whatever else the damn movie tries to make us look like by mocking us. It’s going to create a false definition for who and what we are, and people (”people” being ignorant neurotypicals without an ounce of sympathy or knowledge) are going to believe it. Completely. And it’s going to put us in such a bad place.

I was browsing IMDb this morning, and came across this thread someone had made remarking upon how Dennis seems a little “off” and more detached this season.  All the “psychopath” comments made me cringe, but something that did ring true for me was the observation that he appears to be more closed-off from the rest of the gang and more inwardly focused.  While we’re only three episodes in, I can’t help but feel that this may turn out to be another step in his character’s evolution.  This is all pretty much wild and desperately hopeful speculation on my part, but I wonder if maybe they’re trying to do something big and different with his character arc?  Something that may shock the people who think he’s a serial killer/evil mastermind?  Yeah, we have Making Dennis Reynolds a Murderer coming up soon which will surely remind us of his dark qualities, but the episode could also serve to snuff out the theory once and for all that he is a murderer.  And then we have his name in the title for the last episode, which is supposed to include some massive, life-changing ending.  It’s all very intriguing…

  • friend: what was you didn't like about the sherlock finale?
  • me: you mean aside from the part in which john's chained feet are magically unchained and he is able to be pulled up by a rope, the part of the psychopath "I do not understand emotions" sister plays three different characters that rely solely on human behaviour, dynamics, and understanding of how human emotions work, the part in which the plot was ripped by five different horror movies and mocked all the original stories it made brief references to, the part in which molly hooper was underused and deserved way better, the part in which james moriarty has no hint whatsoever to knowing about redbeard before this episode, the part in which mycroft would allow his manipulating psycho-sister to have a meeting with one of the most dangerous men in the world, the part in which mycroft holmes "I watched my brother being tortured with my own eyes" "the iceman" who would have shot a clown on the spot at the beginning of the episode vomits in front of murder and refuses to have his hands stained by blood, the part in which the gun eurus shot watson with was 100% a match with a proper gun, with smoke and sound, but it turns out the hole she wanted to shot through his head was just a tranquillizer, and then she fucked off and went back to azkabanERM Sherringford, the part in which at the end nothing changed because she could still go out whenever she pleases because of manipulation skills, the part in which eurus has superhuman x-men worthy manipulation skills since childhood but could not get her own little brother to play with her, the part in which human victor ate out of a dog bowl, the part in which doctor watson "I can name all the bones in your body" does not recognise human bones, the part in which a kid disappeared and another kid says she knows where he is but no one sets up a search party or bothers to check the well, the part in which eurus murdered her brother's best friend, burnt down the family's house, raped a nurse and then proceeded to disfigure their body so much their corpse could not be identified, made an alliance with a criminal mastermind, persuaded a man to kill his family and himself, killed a woman cold-blooded, and had her husband commit suicide, killed three people, put a bomb in sherlock's flat, flat-out tortured sherlock, mycroft, and john watson, but still she breaks down and accepts the hug and now everything is fine and she is all docile and shit and she is fully forgiven?
  • me: The sentence "what you are does not matter" kind of got under my skin, yes.