You parked your car right to the little old ranger house you live with your dad in. Today was kinda a stressful day at work. Your dad wasn’t back from pick up some new stuff for his new truck which he’s working on. 

You grabbed your bags as you heard a loud noise. You heard some a few minutes before on your way to the house but you didn’t really thought about it. 

“Hey, don’t freak out” you heard somebody saying. 

You lived in the middle of Texas, so turned around slowly to look at good-looking guy with sweaty hair and a big red leather jacket on. “Where the fuck are you?” you asked wondering. 

“Name’s Peter Quill, but you can call me Star Lord” 

Of course, you laughed. This guy couldn’t be serious, you thought. But he actually was. “Oh wait, for real?” you tried so hard not to laugh. 

“What’s your name?” he asked instead. 

“Okay, first of all. I have no idea who you really are and where you are coming from. It’s almost the desert, so what are you doing here?” 

“Asking for a girls name” 

He was a flirty one. “Y/N” you answered. 

“Nice name, Y/N. So again, I’m Peter if that’s better for you and where I come from is actually a long story” 

“Are you a murder? Or some kind of sick psychopath?” 

Peter raised a eyebrow speechless. “No, I’m not?” 

“How about a nice ice-coffee in my house while you telling me where you are coming from?” 

Peter grinned. “I’d love to” 


Pairing: Sam Winchester x reader

Summary: You find some rather interesting reading material during a break between hunts, and decide to have some fun with it

A/N: I basically laughed my way through writing this. I think I’m funny, hopefully you will too

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You and the boys were having a quiet night in the bunker. Sam had his nose in a book, Dean was reading a magazine you didn’t even want to know the name of, and you were jumping between apps on your phone.
“Guys, have you heard of the book series, Supernatural?” you asked casually as you scrolled through your Tumblr dash, pausing over an edit that looked strangely familiar. When you were met with silence, you looked up curiously to see Sam and Dean exchanging a worried look. “What?” you asked, confused.
“Uh, why do you ask?” asked Sam, trying to act normal. You frowned, noticing the beads of sweat forming on Dean’s forehead. You turned back to face the younger Winchester.
“Charlie’s reblogged something about them and tagged me. Something about living in a fanfic?” you asked, growing even more confused. Sam’s eyes widened in horror.
“Please ignore her!”
You raised your eyebrows. “Then tell me what the books are about.”

“Someone wrote a book series…about you guys,” you said slowly. “I am hearing this right, aren’t I?”
Sam cleared his throat awkwardly. “Uh, yeah. They’re pretty bad, to be honest.”
A disturbing thought came into your mind. “Wait. So if these books are about your whole lives, am I in them?”
“I don’t think so,” Dean said. “We aren’t exactly the biggest fans.”
You chuckled. “You don’t say. So, do the books have a fandom? They must, if there’s fanfic.”
“Please don’t read anything you find about it!” Sam said hastily. “If you love me, at all, you won’t look up fanfic about me.”
You grinned. “What’s Sabriel?”
You leapt out of your seat as Sam made a grab for your phone, and ran from the library, laughing. You could hear his footsteps behind you, and you dove into one of the spare rooms and slammed the door behind you, pressing your back against it.
“(Y/N), please don’t read that!” came your boyfriend’s desperate voice from the other side of the door.
“I never would’ve thought to describe your eyes as dark hazel, glittering with lust,” you read out, grinning. Sam threw himself against the door, and you nearly dropped your phone.
“Please, I’ll be your slave for a month if you stop reading that!”
“I’m pretty sure that’s what’s happening in this fic, to be honest.”
“Yes, my mind-blowingly tall, body-like-a-Greek-god, smouldering eyed lover with desire poorly hidden in his heart?” you quoted from the fanfic, wrinkling your nose up in disgust. “Jeez, this beckywinchester176’s a bit of a pushover.”
“Oh my god, stop reading that right now! She’s a psychopath!”
You raised your eyebrows. “You know her?”
“She kinda kidnapped me once.”
“So this fanfic’s actually an autobiography?” you laughed.
Sam succeeded in getting the door open, and slung you over his shoulder quickly. You couldn’t stop giggling as he carried you back to the library.
“Dean, get the phone off her please!” Sam begged, turning so that you were facing his brother. You held the phone out to Dean, showing him a rather graphic fan art you’d found. He burst out laughing, nearly doubled over in laughter.
“I didn’t know you had a birthmark, Sam,” you managed to get out between fits of giggles. Dean was leaning on the table and wiping away tears of laughter.
“I hate you,” your boyfriend grumbled, tipping you upside down and snatching the phone from you. “If you ever bring this up again, I’ll-,”
“Hey, no threats,” you said seriously. “That’s how a lot of smutty fanfics start.”
He gave you the classic Sam Winchester bitch face. “You’re damn lucky you’re cute.”
You grinned. “Well, I’d have to be, if I wanted to catch the one and only Sam Winchester, with his arms thick as-,”
He clapped a hand over your mouth, pulling you close so that your back was flush against his chest. “Promise you’ll stop quoting fanfiction now?” he asked, looking down at you with puppy dog eyes and a ridiculously cute pout. You nodded in defeat.
“Only because your sparkling hazel eyes entranced me in a way no mortal man could ever succeed in,” you gushed, fluttering your eyelashes and pretending to swoon. Sam rolled his eyes, sighing.
“That’s it, I’m going to bed. I’ll leave you children to giggle about the funny stories,” he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. You and Dean tried to keep straight faces as he stormed out of the library.
“You think he’ll forgive you?” Dean joked. You grinned, glancing at your watch.
“I’ll give it five minutes. He’s bound to be missing the feeling of me in his toned, strong arms that are as tanned as a surfer, but not in an annoying surfer dude way.”

You yawned, making your way through the hallways of the bunker and entering the room you shared with Sam. He was lying in bed with his back to you, and you smiled softly.
“I know you’re awake. And I promise to never bring up the topic of fanfiction ever again,” you said, lifting the duvet and lying down facing his back.
“Promise?” he mumbled, rolling over to face you. You pressed a kiss to his soft lips gently, smiling.
He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close so that you could rest your head over his steadily beating heart. You sighed in content, letting your eyes drift shut. The two of you lay in silence in the dark, waiting for sleep to come.
“So tell me about Becky,” you grinned.
“Shut up.”

Another Swap!lock piece, though this one should be considered as separate from my previous Swap!lock story. This one is my take on the pool scene from “The Great Game” (because I apparently have a need to rewrite all my favourite scenes with Molly as the consulting detective instead of Sherlock. Blame it on my eternal love for her).

When she entered, the pool was quiet. Unnervingly quiet, but Molly Hooper was not one to give away her feelings easily. Slowly, she stepped forward with her hands behind her back, the missile plans in one hand and a gun in the other. She gazed around, but saw nothing out of the ordinary; a fact which only served to make her all the more alert. There was always something.

“I’ve bought you a little ‘getting to know you’ present,” she said clearly as she held up the missile plans. It pleased her to note that she hadn’t shown any trace of fear in her voice.

Yet nothing happened. There was just silence.

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REQUEST: Hey :) could you do a part 2 to “ where Felix accidentally tells plan you like him” thank you :)
A/NPT. 1, [GIF mine] hope you’re ready for a plot twist!
PAIRING: Pan x Reader
RATING: K, drama
TITLE: I Was Told PT. 2

Pan had been watching you all day, ever since he heard’d that you liked him. He occasionally smiled to you, or graced your arm as you walked by. And then he actually talked to you. 
“Hey”, he said and sat next to you, leaning close. “You know I already knew”, he whispered in your ear and you felt shivers.
“Knew what?”
“He told me a while back”, he said, ignoring your question. 
“That bastard”, you said, looking at Felix who was sitting with some of the boys at the other side of camp. Pan laughed and looked at you. “I think I fancy you too.”
“That’s only because you’ve never seen a girl before”, you said, teasing him.
“For your information, I have”, he said, acting offended. “There was this girl, Wendy, who was very pretty just you know, and Emma-the-saviour, Snow–”
“Okay, we get it”, you laughed, nudging him.
“But you’re kind of right. I don’t know, because I’ve never liked a girl before”, he said. “Until now.”
You sighed and got up, “Alright”, you said. Peter Pan wasn’t really capable of any emotions and you regretted ever telling Felix that you liked him. And besides, you’d told Felix you “Might like Pan”, it was not absolute. You began toward your sleeping spot and heard Pan following you. 
“Are you rejecting me?” he asked, squinting his eyes. 
“Pan”, you said. “No offense, but you’ve never been in a relationship, so–”
“Don’t patronize me”, he said, now serious. 
“I’m not”, you laughed. “All I mean is you’re not really that kind of guy. And you’re kind of a psychopath”
He rose and eyebrow and the corner of his mouth pulled into a smirk. “A psychopath?” he asked and you rolled your eyes.
“I didn’t mean it like that”, you said, But you could see in his eyes, that he definitely took it that way. “I’ll be happy to show you what a real psychopath looks like.”