psychopath republicans

I’m not sorry

I’m going to reblog every single “fucking vote gods damn it” post until Election Day

Because my state has a republican governor PURELY BECAUSE people around here went “meh it doesn’t matter” and “we always go blue around here” well y'all fucked up

No I don’t like Hillary but you know what? If you don’t like Hillary write in Elizabeth Warren or whoever you want in the democratic primary, if you can vote for that in your state.

If Hillary is indeed the democrat choice for president you bet your ass I’ll take her conventional white feminist butt over any one of those Republican psychopaths any day.

So you have to deal. I’m not tagging these either unless someone genuinely for real gets triggered by these posts; unlikely but not impossible. If this is the case let me know… But if you’re just annoyed or tired of seeing them too bad

I care about this too much. I care about keeping my health care, about being able to get an abortion should I need one, about access to birth control, about marrying a woman if I want, about the safety and security of my transgender friends, about black lives & how blacks in this country are hunted down and murdered by the people who are supposed to protect us all, about Islamaphobic assholes & the fear my Muslim friends live in, about antisemitic jackasses blaming the Jews for everything, about the Orwellian surveillance state we live in, about Net Neutrality, about… So many things

No, I don’t see eye to eye with the Democrats on a lot of these. Democrats in this country are more centrist than anything else. But at least the Democrats are semi-willing to listen when it comes to these issues and compromise, while the modern Republicans have proven again and again that they are incapable of compromise.

Please fucking vote. I know it sucks and it feels futile and pointless but trust me.