psychology of humor

Overly Analytical Problem #21
  • Person: It might be funny but I categorize my friends. You know... best friend, close friends, just friends, acquaintance friends... How about you?
  • What We Think: I have interesting psychological test subjects, less interesting psychological test subjects, uninteresting people who I just know it's socially polite to say "hi" to, and a few close friends to help me analyze the data...
  • What We Say: Yeah... I have something like that...
*Me at 15 talking to my friend about that guy who was bullying me* Me: “He’s weird, you know. His eyes are so blank and dead. Like, there is nothing there. I think he’s dangerous. And angry.” Her: “Has he done *anything* to you, like physically?” Me: “Well, no...” Her: “So calm down then.”

*eight years later I meet an old Art teacher on the train and we talk a bit*

*Teacher*  “I look up my students on FB sometimes.” 

*Me* “To see which ones ended up in jail?”

*she laughed*

*Teacher* “Funny you mentioned that. Gary’s in jail. He stabbed someone repeatedly in a pub brawl.”

*Me, gasping* “Oh my fucking God! I knew it!”

*everyone on the train turned around and stared*