20 Comics Show The Life Of An Introvert

There are millions of artistic souls who understand the joys and struggles of being an introvert in daily life. Several comic artists have devoted their careers and illustrations to the topic of their introversion. We urge every introvert to check out these hilarious, honest and sincere comics, which depict the life of the mighty introvert.

Thanks for the Myers-Briggs organization in 1998, we can now in a sense validate our identity and decode our function.

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Are you Addicted to Approval

Signs of being addicted to approval include:

1. You are very aware of the expectations of others. They also affect how you feel about yourself.

2. You are constantly worried about how others view you/ what they are thinking about you.

3. You choose NOT to do things that others don’t approve of for fear of judgment and rejection.

4. You DO things you don’t want to do as you fear others making fun or you, putting you down, or talking about it.

5. You feel anxious and upset if you think you have upset or irritated someone – and desperately try to make things right.

6. You think the views and opinions of others are more informed and valuable than yours.

7. You agree when others criticise and put you down. Then you start to attack and feel ashamed of yourself.

8. You reject yourself if other people reject you, and basically believed that at core you are flawed.

anonymous asked:

What a bullshit fake deep post, psychology books are generally for psychology students who would be helping other people. That's why they are written like that.

So, if I understand what you are saying correctly…you are saying that books with titles something to the effect of “The Monster Next Door” which tell their readers how horrible people with personality disorders are, how they should be avoided by society at all costs, and how they are all abusive liars who will only lead you on and hurt you actually teach psychology students how to help people?


Me, myself and I

¿Será este el único espacio que me queda?

Llevo tantos años siendo prisionera de mi irrelevancia, de mi guerra interna.

Prisionera de ese ímpetu autodestructivo pero lleno de miedo, de dar todo pero sin luchar. De guardar los sentimientos durante años, kilometros, kilos y demás unidades de medida.

Tratando de satisfacer las expectativas de los que mas importan en mi supuesta vida. Vida que no es mía, vida que regalé por flojera, vida que ya no se como retomar.

¿Será que ya llegué a la pared? ¿Será que me quiero levantar en armas pero ni siquiera tengo una navaja? ¿Será que ya me cansé de luchar sin siquiera haber comenzado?

¿Será que quiero darte una lección pero ya no está en mis manos?

¿Será qué estás igual de enfermo que yo?

Mi trastorno obsesivo compulsivo me quiere impedir escribir lo siguiente: El Apocalipsis llegó para quedarse, te voy a llorar todos los putos días de mi vida.