My child psychology professor told us today that we’re going to have to write an essay about someone’s behavior and why they are they way they are and we have to talk about their childhood to show how their childhood effected their behavior as an adult. So my professor goes “You can do someone you know, someone famous, or even someone fictional.” GUESS WHO YOUR GIRL IS DOING!? THAT’S RIGHT - SEVERUS FUCKING SNAPE. I’ve never been so excited for an assignment in my entire life.

The Scientific Explanation Behind the Reason Why Introverts Need Much More Alone Time Than Extroverts

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Picture this: You’re at a party. A few of the people you know fairly well, most are mild acquaintances and the rest you’ve never before. How do you interact?

The way you view and respond to social situations is the primary indicator on whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

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5 Personality Traits which Influence Internet Usage

Personality is one of the most studied areas of psychology, and it has been applied to many aspects such as employment, emotion and behaviour. Conversely, internet usage is so new that it’s barely been researched. But there are some studies out there around it, and some of those studies look at how personality affects internet usage. Here are six interesting findings that have come out of this research. 


NEWSHOUR COLUMN: What’s making students ‘less resilient’?

The most frequently cited culprits implicated in declining student resilience are “helicopter parenting” and an overly regimented K-12 education system that together arrest normal child development and infantilize young adults.

Yet feedback from parents and students tell a very different story — one in which the economy plays a starring role. They describe a world that is far more competitive and less forgiving than the world of their parents or grandparents, a world in which failure is not an option.

Many educators also seem to miss the very crucial fact that college populations today are more socioeconomically and ethnically diverse than they were in the past. Elite colleges now have students who have faced more injustice and significant life challenges — economic and otherwise — in their 18 years than most college professors have in their entire lives.

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The thing about mental illness. It’s not just about how the mentally ill deal with normal people. It’s about how mentally ill people deal with other mentally ill people.

*Me to that internet stalker while my dad was dying of lung cancer and I was severely suicidal and depressed a lot of the time*

*Me* “Um, maybe you can get help?. Talk to someone, perhaps? If you don’t want to read my sports articles, then don’t. Why stalk me?”

*Him* “How dare you be so rude? Don’t even try to delete this! I will use this screencap against you!  I have it saved!”

And he tried to. And everyone at BR just laughed at him and thought he was a weirdo.

I still (sorta) felt sorry for him, you know.  Despite everything  

He was pitiful.
Iowa state board explains vote against banning conversion therapy
The board says it already has sufficient authority to impose discipline on a licensed psychologist engaged in practices it deems harmful or unethical.

The Iowa Board of Psychology is explaining why it declined earlier this month to adopt a rule that would have prohibited Iowa-licensed psychologists from trying to reverse a patient’s sexual orientation with a practice known as conversion therapy.

The board was petitioned in February by gay rights advocates to consider the rule. The board says in an order released Monday that it knows of no licensed psychologist in Iowa engaging in conversion therapy. It says any person may file a complaint if there are concerns about a psychologist’s practice and any complaint regarding conversion therapy employed by a licensed psychologist will be investigated.

The board says it already has sufficient authority to impose discipline on a licensed psychologist engaged in practices it deems harmful or unethical.

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Hello! :) What would be some good reasons for a brother and sister to team up against their sister? I dont have a sister so I dont know what fighting with one would be like. Btw I LOVE your blog!!!

I have a sister. And I can honestly and without exaggeration say that siblings will fight over EVERYTHING. Not answering the phone, not doing the dishes, going in each others rooms or taking something of theirs, being too loud, being too quiet, just…being annoying. I don’t think there has been a day where we haven’t yelled/rolled our eyes/scoffed/been overly sarcastic to each other at least once. It might sound like we hate each other but I’m confident in saying that we have a very good relationship. I think that’s something that people without a sibling might not understand.

See, we have been forced to live with each other since she was born (she is three years younger than I am). We don’t try to impress each other or be our best selves in the same way that couples might do when they first move in together and we, unlike a couple, did not have a say in the living arrangement. There’s no fear of “breaking up” with your sibling because you just can’t, so there’s no point in trying so hard. You have to make it work, or not. Day in, day out, bad days, good days, all the way through puberty and mood swings and the dumb kid days. There are very few people, if any, who know you as well as a sibling so all that ammunition, the proximity, and time spent together, and the fact that we don’t generally try to be angels around each other (quite the opposite sometimes) creates the perfect atmosphere for fights. Even little things can sometimes spark a little fight if everything is aligned. Like one day leaving the cap off the toothpaste might not be a big deal and the next it’ll cause a screaming match.

Siblings are also great at keeping score. “Ohhhhh my God, why do you always do that?!!!!!” Is something that gets said quite a lot. Which is usually followed by “At least I don’t [insert pointless petty thing]” It’s not exactly a grudge, more like something you say when you don’t have an excuse 😜 Everyone has bad habits and when you share a house, including a bathroom and sometimes a room, these habits are hard to hide.

There’s two main factors that might cause more fighting. Gender and age difference. Now like I said, I only have a sister (and if you didn’t know I am also a girl) who is only three years younger so this part is based on my experience and what I’ve heard from others. Typically when siblings are different genders it isn’t that much of a problem until they hit the pre-teen years. Up until then they’re fine playing pretend and fairy princess vs dinosaurs. When puberty hits, interests start to split in more significant ways which can sometimes cause tension and break apart sibling relationships. NOT ALWAYS but it is a factor. Some brother/sister relationships are rock solid, others not so much. I think a lot of it has to do with personal interests and personality. This is something you could use for the story since you are working with a brother/sister vs sister arrangement. If the former are more alike than the latter, that could cause friction.

For age, the larger the difference the more likely siblings are to grow apart. Especially with an age difference of like ten years where one is three and the other is thirteen, basically a baby/babysitter relationship develops more than a sibling one. There might not be as much fighting since the older one is much more mature and sees the younger more as a silly, cute, little kid, but it isn’t as close of a relationship either (Again, this is not for EVERY case, but mostly). For you, this might be a good thing to use as well. If the brother and sister are close in age and their other sister is much younger/older they might team up against her a lot more. It also depends on what stage of life the siblings are in. There was a year or two where my sister and I grew a tiny bit apart just because three years of maturity can feel like a lot more sometimes but by now everything is back to normal if not better.

Which brings me to my final point (I know, it’s been long). As much as we fight and are at each other’s throats sometimes, we don’t really mean it. We can blow up at each other and be watching a movie together ten minutes later. It’s almost like yelling for two minutes releases a little bit of tension so we don’t kill each other later. I know what she hates, she knows what I hate and even if we still do it sometimes, it usually isn’t intentional. A sibling knows your stupidest, weirdest, meanest, most embarrassing moments. But also the times when you were unapologetically happy, and you. There’s a sense of relief with a sibling that is hard to find in anyone else because, as I pointed out earlier, they don’t have a choice except to take all your crazy and you have to take theirs. That makes a bond that will last. At the end of the day, siblings are a team and if anyone threatens that team they will get what’s coming to them. Siblings have to survive growing up, facing the world, and, most importantly the challenge nobody else can ever understand, their parents—together. Basically, go watch this Coca Cola commercial. It is literally exactly what it is like to have a sibling. I don’t care what the circumstances are or if I was just screaming at her three seconds ago, I will tear you apart if you come after my sister. End of story.

And that is the basic introduction course to sibling-ism. I could go on for pages about this topic but I doubt too many of you will even read through all of this. Also, as I’ve mentioned, not every sibling relationship is like this. I’ve heard of siblings that actually hate each other (which is one of the saddest things, really) and others that are inseparable and seem to have the same brain. It’s a spectrum but I like to believe that most siblings fall closer to the good side (even if we won’t admit it sometimes).

friendly reminder to be mindful of what we say to other people. too often I hear people make careless statements toward others. the truth is we never know how much it took a person to get to where they are today or how much it took them to even wake up and show up. so let’s watch ourselves out there - one careless comment can undo everything’s a person’s worked for.

To nie czas leczy rany. To usunięcie oporu przed zmianą stanowi rzecz najważniejszą, a często wydłużamy to w czasie, ponieważ nie chcemy się zmieniać. Gdyby nie ten opór przed zmianą moglibyśmy stać się zupełnie innymi ludźmi w ciągu kilku sekund.

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