zeneles  asked:

Ah hello hello, do you have any psychological manga recommendations?

Yes! I can definitely recommend some Psychological reads. I’m hoping I’ll be giving you a couple of suggestions that you haven’t read yet!

WARNING: The following mangas may or may not contain triggering content. Such links will be marked.

-GOTH by Otsuichi and Ooiwa Kenji
Two incredibly smart people get together and solve murders—but they serve their punishment in different ways. You’ll be getting into the head of killers in this one. It’s dark and twisted in a very good way. Oh and it has a movie

-Black Paradox by Itou Junji
If you frequent horror mangas, I’m sure you’ve heard of Itou Junji. Anyway, this is basically about people trying to kill themselves—but weird things happen. Really weird things. I almost consider this a dark comedy.

-Kouishou Raijo by Nakayama Masaaki
Short stories that have to deal with the possible supernatural. I don’t want to explain the story—because part of the psychological bit has to do with someone interpreting a situation. I’ll probably make a longer review on this.

-Seeds of Anxiety Plus by Nakayama Masaaki
Short stories that have to do with legends, ghosts, etc. A lot of it has to do with the imagination of the mind.

-Seeds of Anxiety by Nakayama Masaaki
I recommend and think that the first volume is pretty psychological. So read just the first volume—but i HIGHLY recommend reading the rest of it too. Read my review here!

-Death Sweeper by Kitagawa Shou
Has a lot to do with life and death. I mean, it’s essentially a discussion and agreement of death will eventually get us, so what should we do until then?

-Annarasumanara by Ha Il-Kwon
Symbolism everywhere! One of my favorites! Read my review here!

-A Boy Who Fishes Dreams by Hanna-Hye
Whoa! This one. Pretty crazy. I mean, delivery could be a little bit better, but whoooa! Read it til the end if you start it! It’s a one-shot.

-Nijigahara Holgraph by Asano Inio
It’s heavy read. I’m telling you now. It’s good but it a heavy read. You’re gonna have to get your brain muscles pumping more iron than ever because it’s pretty heavy on the symbolism. But if you’ve read any of Asano Inio’s works, that is pretty much how it works.

-Goodnight Punpun by Asano Inio
It’s sort of a daily life kinda thing, but it definitely deals with symbolism and his mind is on hyperdrive. I think being drawn as a small bird is symbolism in itself.

-What a Wonderful World by Asano Inio

-My Name is Shingo by Umezu Kazuo

-Flowers of Evil by Lee Hyeon-Suk
Obviously the girl has some kind of anxiety and some complex about her brother, but it’s good. It’s pretty incesty—or at least themes of it.

-[switch] by Naked Ape
Some personality disorder. It has two OVA if I remember.

-Peak by Im Kang-Hyeok
The art is ten thumbs up. It’s in color…the whole time. That doesn’t sound that big of a deal, but look at the art and look at the coloring and look at it. Omg. Also, it’s more of a daily life, inside look at a soldier’s life in Korea.

-Nineteen, Twenty-One by John and Jenna
It’s all about getting back up on your feet. I think once you’ve reached a certain age, you sort of feel a kind of burden and it can shut you down. This story—I feel, is about getting away from that and moving yourself forward. Read my review here!

I’d recommend these but…

-Doubt by Tonogai Yoshiki
Take about PREDICTABLE. It was good until the ending. I found myself shrugging at it.

-Hanged Doll by Team Getname
If you can get through the terrible translation—go for it. Otherwise, I’d wait until there are better translations.

xoxo, Han

Do you like Killing Stalking? Then read these!

I promise this is a 99.99% KS content blog, but I want to take a moment to gush about my favorites in the psychological/horror genre (some which might be even more fucked up than KS even).

1. DEAD TUBE (ongoing)
This is one of my all-time favorite ongoing manga. It. Is. BLOODY. There’s gore everywhere and there’s always someone losing some limbs or dying. 
There’s this site called… you guessed it: Dead Tube. It’s like Youtube or Vine but about a million times ‘WTF’. The aim is to create videos that will shock as many people as possible. People will murder, torture, do sexual acts, take unsolicited videos of other people, and pretty much do every single fucked up thing imaginable on the list. Once you’re trapped in the game you can’t get out. If your videos don’t get many views, you get killed. Every single character in the manga is batshit crazy. There’s extreme violence, gore, and nudity every chapter. KS is probably ten times tamer, so if it’s your limit, I suggest you at least tread lightly at first. (NSFW pictures under cut). 

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This manga is by far the best thing I’ve read in a long time. I wasn’t bored reading this no matter what page it was and it always kept me on the edge of my seat. This manga updates weekly and is definitely going to be a masterpiece in the future if it isn’t already.
Also, Ray is best character and deserves everything good in this world for all he has done and sacrificed. They all deserve everything good but especially Ray and Normon

Name: The Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Neverland)

Summary (taken from mangahere): Emma and her friends have a pretty good life at the orphanage they grew up in. Though the rules may be strict, the caretaker is kind. But why are the children forbidden from ever leaving…?

Genres: thriller, psychological, mystery, supernatural, horror, tragedy