psychological portraiture

fun new game for writers!!! new twists on old tropes

  • don’t have a dark lord or villain. 
  • don’t have a hero either 
  • create morally and psychologically complex characters instead!!! fun right???
  • and give them plausible, real-life motivations wow fun
  • and don’t rely on hackneyed tropes and archetypes great more fun
  • write beautiful, pithy phrases spoken by a character describing something unrelated to the plot per se but one that just captures the essence of a particular feeling or theme or situation w o w fun
  • turn…that unreal escapist fantasy world of yours…into…something that’s based…more…in reality!!!!1!1 
  • instead of coming up with random situations and characters, base the entire structure of your work on an idea or theme you wish to explore, like ‘‘the psychological/sociological portraiture of eros/intellectualism/machismo/guilt’’ whoa too much fun there 
  • prose can be dull and inadequate sometimes, so liven things up by writing some of your characters’ dialogue in iambic pentameter!
  • contemporary english can be dull and repetitive as well. switch to early modern english instead! 
  • description can be time-consuming and superfluous. replace it with stage directions, much more economical!!!
  • congrats you’re shakespeare and you’ve just written a great play wasn’t that fun did you have fun i had fun