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I only noticed he followed that account, not what it actually is, so your recap made me ugly laugh a little. But Seb's followed at least one other account that does those quasi deep philosophical and/psychological insight captions-on-landscape-photos. It's mostly the usual inspirational crap you'll find littered all over pinterest and certain corners of social media. Though the speculation could be fun 😆

[Anon 2] So is that basically for men who are unhappy with their intimate relationships?

[Anon 3] About John Wineland : I wasn’t prepared… Does Seb have a mild-life crisis? It’s too early for him though 🙄

[Anon 4] So weird … idk why he would follow that …

[Anon 5] I saw that most recent follow from Seb on IG and I just cringed. Literally cringed. I’m really starting to think he’s having some sort of mental breakdown. Between the emoji explosion, then the going off on a IG troll, to this most recent follow (he’s also followed a few other accounts which seem to consist of daily words of wisdom, which just feels like so much of Marg’s new-agey crap). Bottom line, I worry about this man child.

[Anon 6] Honestly after that last follow he’s cancelled to me. I can imagine that Dons really rubbing off on him. Dons a plain fuck boy and Sebs allowing himself to become one.

[Anon 7] “Continuously fallen out of integrity, mainly with yourself, about what is most important” WTF does this even mean?

[Anon 8] Side eyeing Seb hard after seeing that follow. Dude is seriously in the midst of a breakdown or an early mid-life crisis. Kinda think he needs intensive psycho therapy, stay off IG, and to stop communicating with “fans”. Maybe he needs to get out of showbiz altogether and just be a normal guy. Just my 2 cents, I thought he was kinda pathetic, now I think he really does have MAJOR issues.

[Anon 9] What in the everloving fuck is that newe account he’s followed? A sex gur? A toxic masculinity coach? Another LA bullshit life speaker? Please don’t tell me this is why mango was on a plane and he’s not been seen in Atlanta….

[Anon 10] I think it’s a good sign seb followed this John wineland guy. Maybe this is something that sebs needs that will allow him to move on.

Mod: Okay, his questionable and embarrassing IG follow choices do not mean he has major emotional issues; just major issues with finding things that are actually helpful and truly inspiring, which quotes over landscape pictures are not and never will be (especially when you’re inundated with them on a regular basis).

This John Wineland fellow gets a huge side eye from me, though - most of his IG is about advertising his workshops, which sound like men’s rights activism wrapped up in cheesy bullshit “philosophy”. If Sebastian needs whatever this guy is peddling, he should either dig deeper with his therapist/find a better one, or actually study and practice the philosophies this guy claims to follow. Hell, just buy a 10-pack of yoga and meditation classes to start.

Anon 7 - right? It’s the kind of BS that means nothing, but manipulates people into thinking a weekend workshop can solve their problems.


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