Omniverse Negative 10

Sometimes I really wish that Omniverse had done a version of the Negative 10 like in the original series. I feel like some really golden opportunities have been missed. For example:

- Strained relationships and much arguing between Viktor, Crujo, Kuphulu, and Psyphon over past conflicts between their masters. It’s mostly between Kuphulu and Psyphon. Well, assuming that Ghost Town wasn’t retconned, that is. I’m not sure.

- Kuphulu is still a bit angry at Viktor for what happened in The Vampire Strikes Back, so he’s occasionally seen glaring at him like this:

- Looma outright admits that the only reason she joined up was so she could fight people. Oh, and there’s more interaction between her and Attea.

- Viktor gets along oddly well with Psychobos, except for that whole vendetta against the Galvans.