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Everyone is entitled to their opinions of beauty. Everyone else is entitled to their opinions of cowardice. The "Anonymous" button is an act of cowardice. Torrey, you're gorgeous. I am not saying this anonymously.

You’re so sweet! Thank you.

Also your art is excellent and I love my superhero logo earrings from Optimysticals.

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Why yes, Carol sure is a fox. Even ask Frank Gianelli! *ba dum pish*

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I guess you were outfoxed

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What the fox are you talking about? There are penty of ‘em!

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Why has no one else got on the “Cat-tain Marvel” train??? 

You are all terrible people. *applause*

Have we reached the tail end of these jokes yet?

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Dude, do you even LIKE fighting games? The only things I ever see you posting is how this game is no good, or how you couldn't get into that game, etc.

I think in that same post I said I liked SF4? Definitely lots of fighting games I like. Guilty Gear, SF2, SF4, I kinda dug the Persona one, Skullgirls was pretty good (I had my complaints, but those got better), I actually have a deep deeeep love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighter. The ASW Fist of the North Star is a hilarious mess, Karnov’s Revenge is a accidental delight, then all of SNKs stuff that’s biggest failing is just that no one commits to playing any of them.

I got a bit of a sore spot for BB:CT because it was a huge disappointment and while there are plenty of games I’d prefer not to play, Third Strike is the only one I actively hate on that I can think of?

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Isn’t Tazz still announcing in TNA?

Yeah but that’s different than Tazz as a wrestler. Though I always liked his commentating too. It still amazes me how believable Tazz was as a “small” guy whee instead of seeming small he seemed like some terrifying suplex monster (… because he was).