Every few years remember about the Metal Gear franchise, go through the games, read the lore again. This year I found the MGS1 artbook I got when I was 11, and now not being 11 and looking back through it I’ve really gone on a journey of wonderment and confusion looking at the early versions of everything. LET ME SHOW YOU HOW:

Extreme Fishin’ Miller

Casual Snake

Rad Liquid & Sad Liquid

Good ol’ Faceless Frank

Mantis concepts feat. such strong looks as ‘lunchbreak’, ‘invisible handcuffs’, and ‘dick sounds’.

Otacon and Otacon run through a tiny face filter.


Snake-Meryl (Sneryl) and Flamethrower Mei Ling who I am ASHAMED do not exist

Utterly terrifying Veiny Raven and less terrifying Mange Raven

And of course, Punk Rock Mantis.


Here’s all my Amano style MGS characters together! I really like the look of the lot of them. Now I want to design some watercolor type group images.

Some design notes:

  • Snake is the one where I feel like I got to have the most fun with patterns. Since his outfit is pretty monochrome I wanted to explore textures and patterns as much as Amano does. Also his sneaking suit reminds me of a ninja in a lot of ways, so I kind of tried to make him look like that kind of lithe, svelte sort of soldier.
  • Meryl’s design was done with her quote, “I’m more comfortable with it (the gun) than a bra” in mind. XD For some reason that made me want to give her a semi-armor gilded boustier? She still has camo pants because she’s a tough cookie.
  • Hal is simple but I love him. His face is remniscent of Vivi from FF9, but he has the markings of a white mage. I think he’d be the sort of mage who uses potions and elixirs to help rather than flat out magic. He’s a little weird looking, but shaped like a friend.
  • LIQQUIIID was one where I got to have a lot of fun. I basically mashed up his MGS1 and TPP looks and then ran them from a FF filter. XD You can see his shoulder scarf and beaded/tooth necklaces coming into play. I think his tattoo probably shows up somewhere as well, maybe on his gloves?
  • Wolf I kind of imagined as one of those ultra-glamorous vilanesses. The ones where you actually kind of trust them in the first half of the game? Also, because she so used to cold temperatures, I wanted to give her furs, but also play up the cleavage the way her bodysuit in MGS1 does. I think I’d like to tinker with this and maybe give her a long coat with (kind of ermine fur style) instead.
  • Mantis was SO FUN TO DO. I basically woke up with ideas and sat right down to draw them out. I tried to incorporate backstory into this idea. Whereas Hal is a white mage, Mantis is obviously a black mage, and since one of the earliest forces a black mage uses is fire, I wanted to give his robes a singed look. He has a skull mask instead of a gas mask, but you can see his mop of red hair poking out from under that massive hat. Just like his game appearances, I wanted to make use of straps, but also have the robed look of a mage.

Now that I have some designs hammered out, I’m going to work on some full compositions!