Ritsu: *internally* Bending spoons is fun. You know what else is fun? Killing your best friend. That doesn’t sound fun at all, Ritsu. Well how would you know, all you do is bend spoons, Ritsu! I think Ritsu is right. We should branch out our hobbies more. Oh, fuck. Shou stopped talking. He wants you to respond. Say something quick!

Ritsu: *out loud* I wasn’t thinking about killing you.

Shou: Awww, thank you!

Ritsu: *internally* Nailed it.

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Have u ever thought about mob and terus' wedding, like mobs would totally hit 100%(out of love) just imagine my dude

I actually haven’t before, but now you’ve got me thinking up some headcanons :3c

- They probably took their sweet time to get engaged, though most people could sense that it was an inevitability. Teruki was the one who ended up proposing—and chose to do so during a date (Mob said yes immediately, and would have regardless of circumstance. He had already been on the verge of asking Reigen for advice on how to propose).

- Reigen and Serizawa were sharing tissues and choking back tears the entire ceremony, generally being embarrassing parents….and also probably cheering louder than the Kageyama and Hanazawa family combined. Their constant fretting makes everyone else seem calm by comparison.

- Dimple somehow gets roped into being the flower girl and Ritsu/Shou are the best men of course (and also the guys that helped pick out the suits…who knows what kind of fashion disaster could have happened otherwise) – Dimple and Ritsu are lowkey pleased to be there, but Shou doesn’t even bother to hide his hype. He’s so happy for his pals (and he’s looking forward to the free food)

- And 100% love!! I’ve seen some posts talking about it and it’s honestly such a cute concept //dreamy sighs… Imagine the effect it would have on the room; discarded flowers reviving and blossoming, an infectious good mood all around and just so much happiness. Overall, a magical wedding that everyone enjoys.

Sorry that I went on a bit of a tangent… Here’s some bonus kisses for you anon ^^ Thanks for the suggestion!! It was a lovely thing to think about.