psycho ref

switched narratives au (manga spoilers)

ritsu with power: still the same personality, loves his older brother very much but very cold towards him (“niisan will never understand the burden of psychic powers…”). uses his powers for sports and does better than shigeo in school but never understood the need for it. still has an inferiority complex towards mob because ritsu used to get in trouble a lot before for hurting others with psychic power, unlike his pacifist brother. not afraid to beat the shit outta someone. gives reigen Many Headaches

mob without power: still kind and determined, socially awkward but does a lot with the body improvement club and gets decent grades to be a role model…kinda wishes he had esp too, he does get it when he goes to the awakening lab and the embarrassment he feels over not actually having powers bends the spoon. kind of depressed. has no role model, has no purpose. friends with tsubomi, though (never relied on psychic powers to impress her). still a “nobody” but has people who like him because hes sweet. doesn’t really talk to ritsu either

reigen: deals with ritsu. tells ritsu that hurting people with psychic power is bad, ritsu doesn’t care. stopped smoking because ritsu told him he’d quit if his breath smelled every day. pays ritsu 1000¥ an hour. ritsu knows hes a fraud but reigen brings him to places where he can practice his psychic powers. reigen admits hes a fake to ritsu but tells him to stay because theyre both benefitting. they never get along but ritsu cares about him a lot and vice versa. reigen is not fatherly but more brothery in this

dimple: ritsu does not believe him and never does, only get along when mob gets kidnapped by claw and dimple helps. they end up trusting each other. goes immediately to mob after ritsu almost snuffs him out again and tells him that he’ll make mob “super popular” (after mob just gets his powers). mob is gullible and takes the bait but dimple still can’t possess him fully and dimple decides mob is a lost cause.

teru: gets his ass whooped by ritsu right at the beginning and teru backs off completely. rivals but still friends kinda since teru helps get mob back and treats ritsu like an equal. teru still acts superior to others sometimes but ritsu will remind him that hes not special since there are other espers and he should just shut up

shou: fights ritsu, is impressed, doesnt burn their house because he knows ritsu is Very Willing to fight. still thinks mob is a weenie but ritsu threatens him and tells him “my brother is the nicest person i know so fuck OFF” and shou stops

SUMMARY: ritsu is a g and mob is kinda sad, reigen is tired all the time, dimple gets foiled at every turn, teru is still a dick but not as much, and shou is just shou


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