psycho punx

Can we please just take a moment to talk about the ableism in “dark” subcultures.

Because society views mentally ill people as ~dangerous~ and ~scary~ it’s no surprise that people who listen to “scary” music and dress “scary” and watch scary movies - goths, punks, rockabillies, etc - would also adopt the oblivious ableism of believing mentally ill people to be scary, but that isn’t the case.

Much scarier than mentally ill people is a capitalistic society that forces people to conform to a narrow stereotype that some people are unable to fit into because they have different brain chemicals, and then those people are shunned and made into negative stereotypes simply because they can’t make as much money as someone with different brain chemicals can. THAT is scary.

You know who isn’t scary?

Teens with depression who spend most of their time in their room listening to music.

Homeless women with schizophrenia who are forced into prostitution in order to survive.

Dads who lost their jobs because they’re too manic to properly perform at work and stopped taking their meds weeks ago because they ran out and can’t afford a refill.

Little boys with such bad social anxiety that they’re scared to attend kindergarten twice a week.

Little girls with autism who get teased for dressing and acting different.

Old people on their deathbed who have never ever really been happy because they couldn’t afford proper drugs and therapy / their psychiatrist was oblivious / they were hospitalized against their will.

Much scarier than these people are the things that happen to them. So maybe the next time you try to put “psycho” in your username or tell someone that you’re “a crazy one” or think about going into psychology because “it’s just so INTERESTING” or buy a “cute but psycho” shirt or endorse clothing lines and movies (I’m looking at YOU, Suicide Squad) and people who fetishize or romanticize the “scary” aspects of mental illness, you should take a second and think, “Is this really who I want to give my money to? Is this really what I want to present myself as? Am I so uncaring and ableist that I only like the ~mentally ill~ people on TV and not the ones who are telling me to stop?”