psycho pony


My two crazy psycho ponies <3

Finnula is on the left, the ginger one. She’s 19 years young, acts like a 5 y/o & enjoys trying to kill me at times because she is your typical chestnut mare :)) But none the less, I still love her.

Roxie is on the right, the “Barbie” one. She is literally an irl versions of Barbie’s horse tawny, she’s also a princess. She’s 15 years young and has the energy of a 5 y/o, ESPECIALLY when it comes to jumping.

As for me, I’m 16 & the potato that sits on top of both of them and tries to not get myself killed :)

Not only am I lucky enough to have two beautiful (but crazy) mares, but I ride many golden hearted riding school horses, who have all taught me something, in the past 12 years of my life, in the world of being an equestrian


Ok it’s been at least a year since I drew my last wing tutorial, and by some gods of irony that was my only post to become popular (even though I only ment for like 3 people to see it). This is my updated and slightly less shitty lesson on how to draw wings that dont look like they’ve spent a fucking week in a blender on high.

Also I’m throwing this in every tag that’s currently reblogging my old tutorial.

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