psycho pass ed


And I thought about you, and thought about you, and thought about you…

ok but hear me out. an fma/psycho pass au where roy is an inspector for the division 1 unit and team mustang are his enforcers and latent criminals, including riza, who was his former partner until her hue got clouded during a horrific case where many people were killed and she sacrificed herself to take out the bad guy so that roy wouldn’t get labeled a latent criminal and could stay being an inspector. meanwhile, ed comes fresh out of the academy, the youngest to do so and with the highest scores since roy, and becomes roy’s rookie inspector partner. ed has all these typical views about latent criminals and enforcers because of something that happened in his childhood (aka his dad may or may not be a latent criminal on the run but ed doesn’t know why) and is especially aggravated by roy’s casual treatment and behavior with them until he gets to know the team and they’re super protective of him.

while ed is capable of keeping his hue clear and his psycho pass score despite nearly anything, roy is remarkable and unusual for the fact that his pyscho pass score is able to rise but then also drop. riza, of course, constantly gets onto him about monitoring his psycho pass and throwing himself into situations where he can get in trouble with it, but he just grins and says shit like, “as long as you’re with me, my hue will always return clear again.” and she rolls her eyes and ed is like, “wtf are you flirting with an enforcer???” when he finds out that riza was a former inspector he’s shocked because she’s always so calm and she has the lowest psycho pass score possible for a latent criminal. especially because everyone always assumes she’s an inspector first.

hughes is also an inspector for division 3. he’s known for being excitable and everyone worries about his psycho pass because of it and everyone kind of dismisses him until they’re in a bind and he turns out to be a pro inspector. still he does call division 1 a lot to tell roy about his wife and daughter and everyone notes that roy’s pyscho pass always raises a few points after.

shit starts getting real when they come across a group of individuals (hello homunculus) who are able to bypass the laws of society and…someone dies. they’re able to commit crimes and even kill people without their psycho pass scores rising or their hue getting clouded so that means the inspectors and enforcers can’t apprehend them since their dominator guns won’t work on them. so roy and his team have to find out how they’re able to beat the system and who is running the operation (father ofc) while dealing with chief bradley who is a piece of work that continuously harasses roy and causes problems for him because it shouldn’t be possible for roy’s psycho pass score to fluctuate so fluidly.

When you've been watching a lot of anime in a short space time and your friends start complaining:

Friend: I’m so fed up. I can’t wait till it’s over

Me: well at least your psycho pass isn’t cloudy

Friend: what?

Me: at least you haven’t been attacked by a crazy ghoul and then turned half ghoul and you haven’t lost EVERYTHING THAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU!

Friend: yeah but…

Me: at least the Gauna aren’t attacking mankind and everyone is looking to you to save them

Friend: right but…

Me: At least you don’t have to lay your life on the line to PROTECT HUMANITY FROM TITANS!!

Friend: ……


Friend: so done with you and your anime trash problems