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never thought i’d make an Angst ™ comic starring tome, yet here i am. 

damn u ONE…..ur good

  • Shou: Hi it's cool to met you
  • Takenaka: Yeah same dude
  • Takenaka thinking: finally a normal one
  • Shou thinking: Why didn't my father care about me until he almost blew himself up along with the whole city???? Lmao that dank meme video was funny from earlier. I gotta show Ritsu that.....Somebody once told me the world was gonna rule me-
  • Takenaka: I Honestly Want To Die
  • Serizawa: Kageyama-senpai is the best he’s my friend and I love him!!
  • Minegishi: He saved my life from this creepy spirit even though he had no means to be sure I’d keep on my promise... he’s a good kid
  • Shimazaki: He dragged me so hard I teleported the fuck outta there lol
  • Shibata: He knocked me unconscious he must be really strong
  • Hatori: ... who are you guys even talking about...??
Mob Psycho 100 Fanfiction Masterpost: Dad Reigen Edition

Works that focus on Reigen acting as a mentor/dad to Mob and/or the other kids. Good for when you’re having a rough day and just want to read something heartwarming. Almost all of these are one shots, and a lot of them focus on Mob and Reigen’s early relationship. They’re adorable. 

There are two multichapter fics, @bananacreamphi​‘s Love the Bomb is a fully fledged dystopian AU that also has Reigen basically adopting Mob, which is why I put it here and not under AUs. On Glass Shoulders just got a surprise update so now it’s two chapters. 

These are all for either teen and up or general audiences. I wish this wasn’t something that I feel like I need to emphasize but there is NO ped//ophi///lia in these works. 

If you feel like there is a work that belongs on this list that isn’t on it, please let me know. If there a is work that involves non-con or other gross stuff please let me know because then it doesn’t belong on this list. If there is a work on this list that makes you uncomfortable for any reason, please let me know and I’ll take it off the list.

Featuring sukikobold, idolatry, NotHereForIt, and many other great authors. Remember to leave comments and kudos!

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Sweet as Marilyn, Cold as Cleopatra

****Long post alert***. This is primarily for the asks rotting in my inbox for months. Apologies! I have been MIA from Tumblr and the bowl for a while now (sick). Anyway, the title of this post pays homage to two seductresses I admire a lot. My sugar daddies who have been great mentors. The horrible men I’ve dated who have equally taught me a lot. And Robert Greene (author of Art of Seduction and Mastery. Great books. READ them!),You become a master by observing first. Analyze. Learn. Practice. Experiment. Apply. Transform.  "When you learn the rules, you can dominate".

Lesson 1: Seduction is more psychological than physical. The physical aspect of it is important as well. That’s it’s own category. But when you understand what your sugar daddy truly wants, you can (dare I say, ) “manipulate” him better. Anyone can be seductive. From skinny to bbw to medium size to giant scar on your forehead. You can succeed as a sugar baby. You just have to understand how to play the game and yes, I do think it’s all a game. So next time your sugar daddy yaps about his robust, lazy wife who may or may not be fucking the foreign gardener and spends 9 hours at the country club; and his cocaine addicted son at Harvard, LISTEN. He wants a shoulder, so be that. The key here is to show that support, care, and understanding but at the same time, don’t tangle yourself in the drama that you become his on-call therapist. Don’t call him at 10pm at night to check up on him. Unless he’s willing to pay you $800 per hour. When you understand what a person wants/how their mind operates, you can cater to their needs/deal with them better. OBSERVE. When you master psychological seduction, you will be well on your way.

Lesson 2: Be mysterious/intriguing. If your mom kicked you out of the house when you were a fetus, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF, at least in the initial stages. If you dropped out of college when you were still in the womb, keep it to yourself. When you reveal too much of yourself, you tire/bore people and eventually become forgettable. Everyone has a story. So save your sob story and ex boyfriend drama for the struggling author down the street who has been having writer’s block for the past 15 years.  What does Cleopatra,Marilyn Monroe, and Casanova all have in common? Mystery/leaving something to the imagination. These women/man armed themselves with an air of mystery that left those in their wake yearning for more. I’ve never seen Angelina Jolie as one of the most beautiful women on earth. But man there’s something about her that makes Hollywood go crazy. She shares bits of herself and her life but there’s always that edge of mystery. She leaves you wondering what’s going on behind the *is it fake or is it not fake* lips/smile. The key is timing. Don’t share too much.  Keep them guessing. No need for your sugar daddy or pot to know what cards you have up your sleeves. By sharing too much, you make yourself seem needy and DESPERATE. No bueno.

Lesson 3: Don’t always be available. I used to make this mistake, especially when I liked a guy. Never lasted long in my opinion. So I learned and changed tactics and mannnnn things definitely changed. Sometimes, saying NO works more in your favor. I don’t care if you’re bored out of your mind at home and counting the cobwebs on your ceiling. An occasional NO will put a sugar daddy in his place. It will tell him that you’re not at his beck and call. It will also tell him that you have other priorities outside of sugaring. Your life/time does not revolve around him. If he’s that interested in you, trust me, he will reschedule and work with you. Don’t turn into Mrs.NO to Everything but learn how to use it when applicable. This ties in a bit with mystery. When you say no and he asks what your plans for the day are, cultivate a story if you don’t have legit plans! You can say that you’re going on a short getaway with a group of girlfriends, going on a spa treatment for yourself only, etc. The key here is to appear that you have a fun, adventurous life outside. Your time is PRECIOUS.

Lesson 3.5: Create respectable distance. This ties in with 3. By creating respectable distance, you are again putting a sugar daddy in his place. You need space because you have a life. It will command his respect. The thing about a lot of men is that they loveeee a challenge. Especially wealthy men, who are used to having whatever they desire. By giving him what he wants, whenever he wants it, he will exploit that and before you know it, he will detach and disappear (which a lot of guys do). When you challenge him, it will drive him crazy. It will keep him on edge. He will come back for more. So treat yourself like a rare gem. There are vultures out here. So when you play into his wishes easily, well… easy come, easy goes.And before they go, they will devour you completely. When you allow him to insert himself in every aspect of your life, he will probably take advantage of you. The key here is to create enough distance that he’ll keep wondering about you but not so much that he completely forgets you. This can be tricky but it is not impossible.

Lesson 4: Confidence. I’m one of those people who believe that while some have innate confidence, others have to learn it. So if need be, LEARN confidence. It takes time and patience. Trial/error. Note what your shortcomings are and practice on bettering yourself. It could range from repeating daily mantras to yourself to changing a specific look about you, practice! practice! Note what your strengths are and USE it to your advantage. Again practice!  Marilyn Monroe wasn’t always a sultry, seductress. In fact, from her appearance, her voice, her make-up, to her persona, she had to practice it all to master it, especially in public. It took her years, but she eventually morphed into one of the most iconic seductresses of all time.

Lesson 5: Be bold/ assertive. There is a fine line between boldness/assertiveness and Mrs.Yes. It is okay to voice your interests, opinions, dislikes, etc. It is equally okay to disagree with something your sugar daddy says/wants. The key is to do it respectfully. Don’t try so hard to please him that you agree to everything (including things that make you uncomfortable). If he wants you to have sex with his bald, hairy micro-human friend from the country club and the idea makes your vagina retract in disgust, SPEAK UP. Don’t be Mrs. Yes because it can be dangerous to you. Plus you will give him the upper hand.

Lesson 6: Be playful. You don’t have to be serious 24/7. Make effective use of body language by using eye contact, touch, smiling, etc.Position your posture in such a way that you appear comfortable but not slouching. Engage him in fun activities sometimes. Show him what you enjoy doing/try to learn what he enjoys as well. I remember when I first took my sugar daddy to a rave. He was soooo out of place with his expensive ass suit but we had such a good laugh. It was fun. It is also okay to flirt and tease but do not over do it. . If he tells you of his former beauty queen ex wife who divorced him, took half his wealth, and got full custody of the kids, it will NOT be a good time to start flirting then or batting your eye lashes. The key is to know when to be playful and when to engage in a serious conversation with him.

Lesson 7: Stroke his ego occasionally, especially when he’s a good boy. Let him know you enjoy his company, his time, what he gives you, etc. It’s tough to balance but you don’t want to seem like you can’t do without the lifestyle he grants you. Remember, you are accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle. Men like feeling like protectors, especially wealthy men. So stroke that big fat ego and let him think it. When he misbehaves, adjust accordingly. 

Lesson 8: If all else fails, create/channel an alter-ego. It sounds somewhat extreme but I have one. I created a whole new persona for myself. When I first started out four plus years ago, I appeared too innocent. And that was my biggest weakness. My naivete showed and definitely I was taken advantage of and cheated but I learned. FAST. Soon after, I stopped telling men I was inexperienced. I stopped allowing myself to appear innocent. I became a chameleon.The person I am with sugar daddies/ on pot dates is completely different from the girl I am at home/school/work/with friends. With these men, I am a worldly, experienced WOMAN. I am used to ultra-luxury and deserve nothing but the best. Of course at home/elsewhere, I am a girl/ nursing student who studies a bit too much, curses a bit too much, enjoys being wild with friends and plans on attending medical school to become a psychiatrist. Find what works for you and channel her. We all have inner goddesses and seductresses in us. 

Lesson 9: “Be nice, be nice. Until it’s time to stop being nice…" Okay, this sounds psycho meets fatal-attraction-esque but no worries! know when to curse a  pompous, disrespectful son of a bitch out. Seriously, know when to walk away. Channel your inner Cleopatra/Bitchery and crush his ass. Do not be afraid to stomp an arrogant asshole out of existence (figuratively of course). I don’t care but no amount of money is worth being disrespected. If you allow a man to disrespect and treat you like a common commodity, he will not stick around for long. He will use, abuse, and break you. And frankly, You DO NOT deserve that. If he calls you a racial slur ( and claims it’s a joke, LIES), forces himself on you, disrespects you in anyway hurtful and dehumanizing, among other things, WALK THE FUCK AWAY and report the incident to authorities if the action warrants it. And let your middle finger do the rest of the talking. 

**All in all, I hope this helps someone out here. Remember, what works for one person make not work for you. But you can still learn from others around you** And that my friends, is the most important lesson of all.



We meet again - Psycho Pass Movie Novel

A little summer present.

As 100 pages more or less divide us from the so longed moment, I’ve decided (as usual) to jump forward.

Here’s the moment when Kougami and Akane meet again after 4 years.

It’s short, only a page and a half, but amazing as always.

Thanks to Beth, who’s always ready to help me!

The owner of the footsteps dashed out from the corner.

As a result, Kougami crouched down, ready to ambush. He hurriedly held in place the grenade launcher he was carrying on his shoulder through a slinger. He grabbed his opponent’s arms tightly.

Then — he realized. She was an acquaintance.

Tsunemori Akane.

The moment he had understood that his opponent was Tsunemori Akane, Kougami’s grip loosened. She shook herself free from Kougami’s hand and, turning around, she restrained him in a joint lock. Grabbing Kougami’s right arm with both hands, Tsunemori immobilized his elbow. Kougami willingly jumped, escaping from Tsunemori’s technique that had become quite sharp.  

The distance increased.

Tsunemori rapidly pulled out a gun.

“…it’s been a while, Kougami-san”

The voice of a woman concealing her emotions. Kougami unconsciously made a wry smile.

“Truly, I didn’t expect you to come this far…”

“You are under arrest”

“Arrest…? Do you understand the situation?”

“Are you the one who sent terrorists to Japan, Kougami-san?”

The talk had gotten strange.

“What? What do you mean?”

When Kougami grimaced and was going to ask back, Tsunemori also showed confusion.


A bad sign —. Outside the building, the footsteps of one of those tanks with robotic arms*. Kougami instantly pounced on Tsunemori. Tsunemori was holding the gun but there’s no way she would have shot him, he was sure of this. Holding Tsunemori tight*, he covered her for protection. Then the fire of the Ganesha. The artillery shell flew overhead and the shock of the impact ran. The window glasses around simultaneously smashed to pieces spread out; an entire abandoned shopping center had been demolished.

After that, the Ganesha opened a rapid-fire with the machine-gun. The gunfire shot through the wall following Kougami and Tsunemori. The aim is not precise, I wonder if it’s thanks to Tsunemori’s presence. She must be registered in the friend or foe system.

“…what are you gonna do, Inspector? Shoot me or let me go? Which one?”

“…I’ll cooperate with you”

“Hey, wait!”

“It’s only temporary. As part of the investigation”


* Tank with robotic arms: the Ganesha. A spider-like tank with many robotic arms.

*Holding Tsunemori tight: yes, this is the verb used. 抱き締める: to hug someone close, to hold someone tight, to embrace closely. In Italian, stringere qualcuno tra le braccia, al petto, dare un forte abbraccio.

Becoming Familiar by wuwu

Fic can be read HERE.

Adoption AU, Orphanage AU, First Meeting. Completed. Rated: G. Word Count: 1,700.

Pairings: None.

Trigger Warnings: None.

“Arataka-san wants to spend some time with you,” his social worker says. “Do you think that’d be okay?”

Kageyama Shigeo’s first meeting with Reigen Arataka.

Part 2 of the Begin Again Series.

This whole series gets me guys, I highly recommend reading the first work, which I previously rec’d HERE.  It’s LITERALLY Dad!Reigen guys. 

Jerome Valeska x Reader

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, implying vulgar/sexual things

Requested by: —

A/N: Apologies about last night, but I hope you like tonight’s short stories. Enjoy!


The dishes clinked as you washed them. You’d just had a filling dinner, and you were pretty much ready for bed.

But of course, Derrick, your new and abusive boyfriend, forced you to do chores before bed.

He was already fast asleep, as he had drank himself into a deep slumber, like every night.

You didn’t like catering to him, obviously, and if it were up to you, you would’ve killed him by now. But it wasn’t up to you.

You sighed at this thought, looking at your baby whom laid in a crib in the living room, fast asleep.

You became pregnant with your daughter, Arabella, when you were still with Jerome. But he died not too long after.

You struggled to keep a house, until Derrick came along. He seemed nice enough at the time, but you, being the psychopath you are, know when you meet a psycho. And that’s what Derrick was.

Yes, you wanted so badly to take your bedazzled switchblade and slice his throat, but, he was providing food, shelter, and clothing for you and your baby.

Yes, he hit you, but he never laid a finger on Arabella, and that’s all you could really ask for.

You sat on the couch next to the crib, letting out a sigh as you relaxed. You were exhausted, but you didn’t want to go to bed quite yet because you didn’t want to deal with Derrick.

You put a hand in Arabella’s crib, letting her wrap her little fingers around one of yours. Your heart melted as she giggled.

You decided to turn on the tv, flipping through the channels until something interesting came up. A man, wearing a mask of some sort.

It appeared that this show was just beginning, as he was only introducing himself. He started to introduce himself as Dwight, but cleared his throat, staring again.

“My name…is Jerome.”

And suddenly, it hit you. His mask was familiar because it was no ordinary mask - it was your beloved’s face.

Your fist tightened at the sight. You felt a feeling of disgust in your stomach. Your eyes darkened with hatred.

You stood from the couch, screaming, “How DARE he!”

You quickly clapped a hand over your mouth, checking to make sure you didn’t wake Arabella or Derrick.

You sat back down, trying to calm yourself.

“This lowlife-wanna-be thinks he can just cut off MY lover’s face, show up on tv, call himself Jerome, AND get away with it?” You chuckled darkly.

“Think again, Dwighty-boy.”

You wrapped a black coat around your navy blue dress, tying the sash at the waist. You considered changing into something other than a skin-tight dress and black pumps, but decided against it.

You then wrapped your baby up nice and snug, and taking her with you to Derrick’s car.

Sure, if he woke up and you had taken his car without his permission, he’d go insane, but you had to kill this imposter.

You had to.

You arrived a block away from the tv station, taking Arabella and placing her in the baby carrier wrapped around your body.

She sat in the wrap, looking up and you, smiling. You smiled, pulling her close to you.

You speed-walked over to the station only to find that the police had already apprehended Dwight.

All you could do was stare angrily, until a dark shadowy figure moved from the darkness, stabbing the police officer leading Dwight and taking him away.

You watched them get into a big, white van. You assumed it must be one of his hooligans, so you climbed into your car and followed them.

They arrived at the city power-plant.

‘What is that idiot planning?’ you thought.

You waited for about 5 minutes before getting out of your car and following them inside, careful to keep hidden.

You heard a voice, but you couldn’t quite tell who it might be.

You peered around the corner to see Dwight tied to an array of bombs, and a man standing in front of him, messing with a video camera.

“Please, don’t do this.” Dwight begged.

You pulled out your switchblade, stepping forth from the shadows, one hand clutching the blade, the other wrapped around your baby’s head.

“Oh, please don’t.” You said menacingly. “He is MINE. He fucked with my lover’s face, now I’m going to fuck with his.”

The man standing in front of Dwight seemed to freeze at the sound of your voice. He turned slowly….



“I failed to tell her something important. She kept talking about Yoshika… She wasn’t thinking about me at all. I was the one who suggested she ask Ouryou Rikako.”