psycho jerk


Ruben and Marcelo from the Evil Within


fan art doodle 

Reference used

ugh….I just feel like drawing smart scientists talking about stuff today..


if Marcelo can be less of a jerk and more of a mentor to Ruben I really think they would get along well…

like he can help Ruben publishing papers…doing thesis…and they go to brain conference together…..or just do bad stuff together and go to villain cons….and then Ruben got his PhD in Horribleness and Marcelo is happy for him and they go to music concert together and they can be happy villains together and none of the bad stuff will happen.._(:з」∠)_

please ignore me ramblings _(:з」∠)_ I just have many feels _(:з」∠)_

[image: White background infographic. Orange text reads “10 Easy Alternatives to Common Ableist Language,” followed by a left-side green rectangular word bubble with white text reading “Say This!” next to a right-side purple rectangular word bubble with white text reading “Not That!” Word bubbles have two word columns underneath in black text with a brown line separating them reading as follows: Say This! Not That! —————————– unreal insane unbelievable crazy jerk psycho awful stupid bad dumb moody bipolar ridiculous retarded eccentric mental case dismantled crippled unruly mad house] Spotted on Facebook: someone I think is allistic, joking, “does it count if you say those words about a family member?”