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7 movies with a great twist

Not Spoiler Alert /!\ The plots are not necessarily at the end of the movie and I’m not revealing what the plot is, but anyway, if you want to keep the secret, don’t look at this post. /!\

The Sixth Sense (or basically any M. Night Shyamalan movie) (1999)

Planet Of The Apes, Franklin J. Schaffner (1968)

Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock (1960)

Usual Suspects, Bryan Singer (1995)

Fight Club, David Fincher (1999)

Donnie Darko, Richard Kelly (2001)

Gone Girl, David Fincher (2014)

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  • Constantine
  • The Librarians
  • Jassandra (seriously I love them so even a little bit and I’ll probably follow you)
  • Criminal Minds
  • Black Butler
  • Psycho Pass
  • Let’s just make this list a lot shorter and say anime in general
  • Jdate/Tbifos
  • Community/Jannie
My Letter to Shonda Rhimes

Dear Shonda
First I would like to say I respect ur hussel and what u have accomplished n a male oriented industry as a black woman. That being said I have been a fan of Scandal from the start. I basically came because I love Kerry Washington and her starring n anything I was going to give a chance. I will say the first two and half seasons were good then u stepped n and decided to take back ur show whatever the hell that meant cause Scandal was doing just fine. Then I saw what u meant take ur show back from the ppl who help make it a success like the Olitz stans and the black community especially the women. So u did and since then u taking it back Scandal has gone to shit n a hand basket. First thing u did was bring Scott Foley untalent ass on the show when he wasn’t needed r wanted. Then u switch the whole premise of Scandal to a badly written rip offish Alias want b spy show so ur crush pet can b on it. Then u decided to pander to white feminism by making Mellie into a rape victim a scorned white wife while tearing down everything that made ppl love Olivia Pope because of these two horrid storylines. Then u did the most horrible thing put Olivia with a psycho like Jake so u can push a satanic love triangle that never worked because Scott Foley is untalented and he and Kerry have no chemistry. What I am getting at is u have Shonda Rhimes tried to distract the fans and viewers of Scandal with worthless bull shit that they don’t care abt as long as the focus wasn’t on Olitz. Now u have said if Olitz get together then the show is over which I translate into I don’t have the talent r the balls to put them together because I only know how to write dyfunction and soap opera. So Shonda I would like to offer help and advice. First they consider u a writing genuis why I don’t know why cause I am still waiting for that genuis to put together a whole worthy season of Scandal but let me get back to my help and advice. My first advice is if u don’t know how to write Olitz r don’t want to write them hire someone to do it. Hell there r plenty of Scandal Olitz fanfic writers who do an awesome job at getting to the essences of Olitz beautiful loving complicated story. Here r some loveniaimani scandalousnurse kwgladitors @englandisbae trumpetnista and many others and they r not paid genuises they write their beautiful Olitz stories for free n their free time. They really can offer u some help. My advice is to help get Scandal back on track is first get rid of ur ego stop thinking everything u do is right. Give Kerry and Tony and the rest of the cast the ability to offer insight on their characters. Stop all these unnecessary foolishness storylines that r only distraction. Clean up and end B613 the Grant marriage and Give Liv some therapy move Olitz foward. These thing as a fan I believe will help get the ratings and the viewers back. Now Shonda I know u won’t listen r read this u will continue with the bull shit that costing u viewers and fans because until u r forced to do it u won’t which is sad. Well that’s all I got to say a former sometime watcher of what use to b a good show that should have been great fan.