psycho crush

Çoğu zaman odada tek başımayken kendi kendime dizi sahnesi çeker gibi şeyler yapıyorum, klip çekiyorum, konser veriyorum, dizi karakterlerinden crush’lar edinip sürekli onunla ekşın mekşın yaşıyomuşuz gibi yapıyorum, kitap karakterlerine de aynı şekilde.Bana psikolojiden bahsetme istersen.
  • Terumob: *they fell in love after teru brutally beaten up and almost choked mob to death*
  • Ritshou: *they fell in love after shou brutally beaten up and knocked out ritsu*
  • Me, wanting a crush: Welp, maybe i need to beat up some girl too.
Crushing, Guitaring and Dangling: A Psychosquad Fam Fic

The Moom wanted another fic, so i did it. @general-dad i hope you and the rest of the family enjoy it!!

General Dad held back a tired sigh as yet another child ran their hands through his hair.
“Soft…” The child giggled happily.

“Yes, yes it is. Dad needs a drink, okay kid?”

The child nodded, climbing down from their place on General Dad’s knee.

When he entered the kitchen, he was greeted by the sight of Dingus Maximus staring lovingly out of the window. “Thinking about that girl?” He asked, starting to make his well needed coffee.

“Yeah.” She said.

“Good luck with that one kiddo.” General Dad took the newly brewed cup and raised it to his lips.

Just before he could enjoy it, a loud cry sounded. ‘What now?’ General Dad thought to himself before making his way to the source of the sound.

In the living room, he found Thunder-Sheep and Springled sitting on the couch.

“Why can’t I get this chord right?” Thunder-Sheep whined, placing the guitar down and pouting.

“Awe don’t worry,” Springled smiled, patting her sibling on the shoulder. “It’ll be fine, it just takes time.”

“Don’t worry child,” General Dad walked over and kneeled before the children. “You’ll get it with enough practice.”

“Thanks dad.” Thunder-Sheep nodded, a new sense of confidence washing over them.

“Dad!!!” The Moom shouted from outside, calling his attention.

“Good luck guitaring.”

When General Dad arrived by his child’s side, he immediately asked what the problem was. “SquishSqosh is hanging from the window.”

Slowly, General Dad raised his head, sure enough, a small SquishSquosh was dangling from the ledge.

“Why are my kids like this? Alright, Moom, i want you to go and get Springled. Tell her she’s going to be doing a lot of bouncing for a while.”

I’m not psychotic. I just have anxiety. Even the slightest chance of losing you makes my heart skip a beat with worry.