psycho but i still would

more things I drew while eating sweets

when one becomes an apprentice one gets used to the way things are around the office rather quickly

i am fucking DISGUSTED at this. i mean, honestly. who says shit like this?? the hatred for chris wood is really THIS bad. this psycho straight want y’all to murder chris for playing a CHARACTER even though this is his job. he gets paid to play mon-el. that’s literally his only crime here. and this bitch wants y’all to deadass murder him just so he doesn’t attend sdcc? like do you know how sick in the head you to be to say this? AND ALL BECAUSE OF SUPERCORP? BECAUSE Y’ALL WANT SUPERCORP? 

Despite Saiki’s best attempts to keep his monthly check-ups/hang outs/bitch-fests with Shigeo a secret, and despite the younger boy’s best attempts to acquiesce to the surly high schooler’s need for privacy, the two boys were interrupted their 4th month into the arrangement, halfway through snack-time at a local cafe in Spice City, by a surly middle schooler attempting to loom over the two. 

Cluing in to the recognition on Shigeo’s face, and, more tellingly, the harried ‘Nii-san’ that scuttled across Saiki’s mind space, Saiki determined that this was the time for introductions and not for making a swift exit via teleport. Shigeo had warned him regarding the alarming number of ESPers in Spice City who were anything but friendly, but, honestly, Saiki didn’t need Mob’s ability to see psychic auras to know that he could easily take this kid down if his assumption turned out wrong. 

More stuff for the Mob Psycho 100/Saiki Kusuo crossover I’ve been thinking about. Since I’m out a tablet atm this is mixed media, for once. It’s been a while. 

Please, please, consider this crossover. Come talk to me about it anytime. 


So, I wasn’t too thrilled with what she told Akane in the movie….but hey, that’s just me. Saw an edit similar to this a while back and decided to do my own version

Kill me if you like, Shimotsuki fans.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a domestic fic of Joseb but with Leslie in it being all precious like a sweet little kid?

Ehhhhh Leslie is too precious for this world but HOOOWWW IN THE HELL DO YOU WRITE FOR HIM.

He literally only says like a hand full of words in the entire game and some of those are repeated.

Twas a struggle to write but I DID IT and I hope you enjoy it even a little.

Oh! And Leslie totally isn’t 25. I refuse to believe that, I don’t care that it’s canon, he’s like 5. Just imagine him as like a 15yr old idk.


Sebastian doesn’t really remember why or how they got permission to let Leslie stay with them.

Because seriously, who the hell would let two detectives, one who was an ex drunk, take care of a mental patient? Dumb people, that’s who.

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drawing these stickers are kinda tedious but also pretty therapeutic

its been a while since the last time I drew something chibi

un-ah  asked:

Do you think mob would give lamppost spirit his frog umbrella if in return he could request a temporary alteration in reality in which he doesn't have powers? (Or, alternatively, for muscles)

hi hello this exploded into a ficlet but like. a very vague one. Im sorry I did this to your ask I cant help it this is a very good idea

for anyone who dont know what this is referring to, it’s this post

the deal: 

you have twenty-four hours 

you will have all the memories needed

none will be the wiser

you just have to believe with all your might.

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hashtag throwback to edgy spoonboy