Latest Mob Psycho chapter

Tome: im tired

Mob: It’s OK 👌💪I can carry you😁👐 because while you guys were 🙅🕒busy🕒🙅 playing 😂📵💻 I was working on my 💯✔Grind✔💯 with the👏squad👏 at the 🙏🏋🏃Body Improvement Club 🏃🏋🙏 These 💪MUSCLES💪 didnt make themselves😤 and soon 💗Tsubomi-chan💗 will notice them too👫💑 Takenaka whom? 🤔🎾🙅

Listen, I love soft Serizawa as much as the next person, but like…he isn’t always soft and quiet, not at all, and what I really wanna see is a Serizawa who, after he gets used to working at Spirits and Such, gets really passionate about his work (when it pertains to actual paranormal activity)–and not in the pretty “My work is so great~! Let’s go, gang!” kind of way.  Oh, no.  

I’m talking Reigen coming into the office at opening time and finding Serizawa surrounded by newspaper clippings, letters, random notes, and red string, all of which are flying about the office as he’s trying to connect all the pieces of a case that they’ve been struggling with.  (Reigen asks how long he’s been there; Serizawa says “only since about 4:30.  I couldn’t sleep, anyways.”)  

I’m talking a customer getting fed up with Reigen’s bullshit and getting ready to punch him, only to find themself pinned to the goddamn ceiling.  (The customer believes that Reigen is the real deal after that, while Serizawa keeps a weary eye on them.)

I’m talking Serizawa and Shigeo keeping a score board for who exorcizes the most spirits.  (Reigen doesn’t know if he has to get the winner a prize, or when the game even officially ends.  But he does know that Shigeo and Serizawa, neither of which are competitive at all normally, get really into this particular contest.)

Just give me more levels of my main man Serizawa, please.