Thanksday - The Animators

Hey you!

So this is the first installment in a series I’ve wanted to start for a long time now called Thanksdays! I wanna talk about the work that goes into making my videos and introduce you to the people who make them possible. Because even though my video descriptions are super detailed y’all never read them so… Eat a dick.

This first episode is going to be about animators because it’s something I’m most frequently and incorrectly praised for. Growing up I always wanted to be an animator but eventually realised I just didn’t have the drive or patience to do it. By the time I was 18 I’d quit animating to focus on writing and directing. So, please allow me to introduce you to the animators, past and present, of TomSka!

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Hey everybody, this is my first cartoon of 2015, and pretty much my first animation in an entire year…

It’s a tribute to SleepyCabin and OneyNG’s “Timewaster”  series