Relocating or Running Away

So many times when we feel that our life is not going the way we need to, or when we feel that everything that is hurting us or holding us back is in our immediate environment, we think that leaving this environment will break the deadlock. But will it? You need to ask yourself - are you relocating or running away?

Are you making a fresh start or is it just the same shit in a different place, with a different person, and another problem… Are you being proactive or have you found yet another way to avoid dealing with your issues?

Relocating is making an educated decision to change environments to improve your position, whatever level that position may be.

Running away is taking flight because you feel you have no other sustainable option - when you feel that you cannot cope or make the changes in your life without a change you feel you are controlling.

The significant concern I have about running away is that when you run, you still take with you the very thing you try to run away from - YOU.

When you feel the need to take flight from work, from your family, from your home or from anything - ask yourself this; how will this change of location enhance my life and capacity to move forward? You see, sometimes staying still and working through a situation is actually the best way to move forward.

Think of relocation like this: why move to the beach if you don’t like the water? Or worse - why move to the beach if you are scared of it and everyday you looked at the beach and wished you knew how not only to swim but how to swim without fear?

When you relocate out of fear and frustration you will take your internal view with you - all the time, every time. Over time this becomes the greatest obstacle to overcome - your internal view – not the things you thought were the issue in your last location.

When you are thinking of moving, map out the environment you need to position yourself in so that you are actually relocating and not running away. Here are a few tips:

  • Make a decision that the environment you are choosing to move away from no longer holds regrets for you.  Understand that you may feel sad or perhaps upset at times with what has happened with some situations in your life, but that essentially that you feel that moving on gives you more time to actually focus on your future, rather than focusing on your past and what has made you regret.
  • Understand that this move will not miraculously improve what you are seeking to find, achieve or be, but rather add into the mix an environment that should be more supportive to, and positive for, what you are seeking.
  • Know that with this relocation you have all the internal resources to become what you will be - no matter where you relocate to.

When you intrinsically know why you feel compelled to relocate, what you are seeking in this action, and what it is you are prepared to leave behind to grow and develop, then your relocation is no longer a running away but rather a running toward your potential and future.

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