psychic type pokemon

Day 2: Psychic

So Ironically I hate the color pink and dislike psychic types, but I love slow king. I’m not sure by what magic possessed me to enjoy this creature so much but I do always have. I’ll just blame movie 2000. Anyways I love this thing and I’m at the moment working to get one. I love my little king otter thing. 

I don’t have a character that is one but I have once sketched out a slowbro with a fancy tail shell. I lost that one long ago but if i ever redo here i will tell you. Or show her so i don’t loose the sketch.

Counter-clockwise Eevelutions by tuooneo

Dawn (Sylveon), Morning (Espeon), Midday (Jolteon), Day (Eevee), Afternoon (Leafeon), Evening (Vaporeon), Dusk (Flareon), Night (Glaceon), and Midnight (Umbreon)