psychic type pokemon

Counter-clockwise Eevelutions by tuooneo

Dawn (Sylveon), Morning (Espeon), Midday (Jolteon), Day (Eevee), Afternoon (Leafeon), Evening (Vaporeon), Dusk (Flareon), Night (Glaceon), and Midnight (Umbreon)


People have been asking for my type pendants as bracelets for a while now, so I’ve finally gotten round to it, I’ll be adding them for my small bracelets soon as well. :)

Bracelets available at Trinket Geek:

Pokemon Type Bracelets

More pokemon type pendants, as promised. Three more tomorrow!

I’m basing these on the card symbols, so sadly some types are sharing. I managed to fit a duel type into fighting/ground/rock, but there still aren’t any psychic/ghost pokemon around. I’ll be waiting, Gamefreak… (Poison types were switched from grass to psychic in the card game, so Gengar does technically fit here as a duel type, but I still want my psychic/ghost pokemon!)

Pendants by Trinket Geek:

Electric - Fighting/ground/rock - Psychic/Ghost/(poison)

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