psychic surveillance

Thickly Painted Walls / HOBO CUBES : VVVNRTAPE001

Side A: “Psycho Fanatique” by Thickly Painted Walls

bass. clap. bass. clap. come comb my hair. guitar in distance. really pretty keyboard soundz. everything is slowing down. it’s all getting louder. & deeper. sounds like a jet plane. clap. soft boom. clap. alien spaceship sounds. clap. different alien spaceship sounds. clap. im in space. slow motion. footsteps. someone’s banging on metal trash cans. spooky piano. epic gloom bass. he’s trying to tell me something. what? what?! i’m losing u. chaos. everything u want 2 b. wobble bass. what’d u say? i’m losing u. is everything ok? nice sounds. still in space. ghostly. turning knobs. slicing sounds. repeating. it’s over.

side B: “Psychic Surveillance” by HOBO CUBES

prehistoric distant monas. getting louder. maybe ghosts. probably just sad dinosaurs. laser. wobbly bass. footsteps. taut metal wire being plucked. lazer. ting. slow roar moan. the wind is talking. a computer sound. 10000 souls telling their death storiez in the distance. getting closer. laser. lazer. squeaky brakes. different kind of laser. footsteps & roar moan louder. metal wire pluck. that all stops. video game suspense music. alienz involved. there might be an emergency. they r speaking in an unfamiliar language. water drops. foreign ambulance passes. soft helicopter sound. it’s moving. buzz. buzz. buzz. buzzzz. buzz. it’s crashing?! danger. buzzzzz. buzz. buzz. it stops. machines r talking. smart machines. they’ve got rhythm. big steps. alarm sounds. computer static. helicopter. all continues. all stops. low long soft bass. electronic whale talk. stops. quick tribal. alien tribal. electronic alien tribal. stops. static electronic yellz. frustrated. stops. long medium bass. a little flutter. waning. stops. epic horn of big boat or something. suspense keyboard. lazer. robot birds talking in the background. all stops. plucky tings. sounds nice. bass water drops. distant soft alarm. stops. 


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