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How Charmander arrived to Kroel is yet a mystery to many scientist, but many theorize centuries ago a pack of charizards got stranded on Boiler Island and began to reproduce. Boiler Island is not a very different ecosystem to the one charmander is accustomed, yet it has one mayor difference, the constant and almost never ending clouds of ashes and smoke that come out of mount Furia and cover the skies of the island. Thanks to this, many of the species in the island has evolved to live inside the volcano rather than outside and the same has happened to the kroelian charmander: their usually robust and shiny bodies has become slimmer and more serpent like, allowing them to fit through the cracks and tunnels they dig in the volcanic walls, a trait that has been passed on up to their final stage of evolution. Kroelian Charizard is no longer a flying pokemon as their Kanto counterpart, since the air in the island is highly toxic they has become land-dwellers, but in return they have become incredibly agile and flexible, not to mention their claws has become incredibly tough due to a lifetime digging holes on hard volcanic rock. It is believed humans tempered with this pokemons early evolution as their dragon typing suggest, a condition only accesible to a normal charizard using a charizardite, now however, using a charizardite will bring up another vestigial trait in charizard: the ability to fly.


-The Lizard pokemon
-Ability: Tough Claws - Drought(HA)

–>Evolves at lv. 16<–

-The Flame Pokemon
-Ability:  Tough Claws - Drought(HA)

–>Evolves at lv. 36<–

-The Flame Pokemon
-Ability: Tough Claws - Drough(HA)

–>With Charizardite Y/X<–

-The Flame Pokemon
-Ability: Pyrokinesis- All Fire type moves are treated as Psychic moves at the same time, and get a 20% power up boost


I made some Danganronpa Pokemon trainers ! (bg)

Hinata (I’ll always draw him with piercings ok )
-normal type trainer //subtype would be fire
-starter pokemon is an Evee that never evolved
-buys way too much objects, never uses them
-doesn’t have very strong pokemons, wins by strategy
-wants a charizard
-why use Fly when you have a siCK BYCICLE

-fairy type trainer //subtype would be normal or electric
-starter pokemon is a Celefairy
-battles everyone, wins against everyone
-her pokemons are level 200 or something
-definitely has a snorlax and naps on it when tired
-caught them all

-ice type trainer //subtype would be psychic
-starter pokemon is a Dewgong
-only has cute/pretty pokemon
-definitely has that aloha blue ninetails pokemon but it doesn’t like him
-his magicarp could rekt your gyrados but his gyrados could be rekt by your magicarp. His luck works weirdly 
-uses Fly all the time even just to buy groceries or walk a few meters



With all the excitement surrounding Jurassic World as it nears release, I decided to reveal (if you follow me on dA you would’ve seen some of these already) a small region called ‘Islas Azul’, an archipelago that lies Kim and Kanye’s daughter of Cyare. 

This was conceived pretty much alongside Cyare, and has grown from just your ordinary fossils like in each generation, to a region of it’s own containing 60 Fakemon based on all sorts of extinct genera!

Here are the ‘starters’, based on Pachycephalosaurs, Raptors and Hadrosaurs, respectively. Being a small sub-region, they only evolve once to save room for more variety. Also if you remember, I posted ones based on Kentrosaurus a while back, and they’re alsoe a part of this.

Created by myself and ZeroCool/Trouse of CCf.

Mysticism and the Mind
  • "I know what you're thinking and you're right."
  • "Next Tuesday's going to be bad for you."
  • "You need to go talk to them. Trust me on this."
  • "I can't change who I am."
  • "I don't want this anymore."
  • "We need to try. If we don't..."
  • "It doesn't work like that."
  • "I need to do this."
  • "Nothing can stand in our way."
  • "I don't suppose you could give me the lottery numbers for next week, could you?"
  • "I know what you're thinking and you're wrong."
  • "I can't handle it much longer."
  • "You know that isn't going to happen."
  • "What is it that you do?"
  • "There's no need to be afraid of me."
  • "We need to do something about this."
  • "I can't just turn it on and off."
  • "You here to read my thoughts?"
  • "There needs to be a change or everything is going to go south in a hurry."
  • "Something is coming..."
  • "How do you know what I'm thinking?"
  • "We have to stop them now. It can't be later."
  • "Everything is going to be okay. Trust me on this."
  • "Did you just do that?"
  • "I couldn't not sense your feelings. They're too strong."

It’s cold

Thadius looked around himself, standing alone in the snowy park, his eyes raw, lashes collecting snowflakes as they fall. They were gathering in his hair, on his shoulders and the tops of his shoes, clinging to the creases of his jacket.

He had been standing in the falling snow for hours upon hours, simply waiting.

He felt the cold to his core, felt it writhing in his bones — His nose and his toes felt numb, but he stood diligently nonetheless. Someone he needed to meet would be here, he knew this much, and so he waited. He had been standing since the snow first began to fall at noon, and here he stood still as the sun dipped beneath the city horizon, disappearing behind towering glass buildings and ugly apartment complexes. It was beautiful, in a way. He kept deep brown hues focused forward, watching as slowly night fell and the sky became firmly illuminated by the hundreds of cars and buildings and street lights.

And then he heard snow crunching, being packed down beneath someone’s footsteps and he was turning, snow falling off him in an almost cartoonish manner. His expression was void as ever, but it was open, open and hopeful and —

“I’ve been waiting for you,” He spoke softly, his voice gently wafting to the stranger on the breeze, as he pulled gloves hands from his pockets and began to carefully move toward the other. “You don’t know me yet, but i know you— or of you. that must’ve sounded alarming,” He was already anxious, fumbling over a word or two and averting his eyes. “I just….know…’re lost out in this snow, and looking for the west side hotel but you can’t find anyone to guide you there or give you directions, you’ve been wandering for two hours or more and you’re phone died before you got lost.”

He hated strangers, hated other people in general, he didn’t know how to feel comfortable around them, but he’d seen it when he touched the fountain this morning — His hare fingertips had grazed the concrete and he had flashes, a lost person in the snow, a frozen body found the next morning. He hadn’t been able to leave, he merely waited, because he saw it entirely differently when he decided to remain and wait and touched the fountain again.

“I suppose, this is a bit odd and alarming, stranger danger and all…..I apologize if I’m coming off with the wrong vibe,” Now he was somewhat mumbling, speaking but distracting himself by toying with a skull rosary that hung around his neck, and down to his abdomen. “I just want to help. It’s cold,”

You can DM me for Psychic Services!

I’ve decided to go ahead and see what happens *shrugs* I’ve been working with tarot and other things a lot recently

Tarot Reading- $1 for the first card, $0.50 for each extra (I will ask an initial question of what you’re looking for and recommend a number of cards, though you can buy based on your own judgment)

Pendulum Reading (yes/no questions)- $.75

Custom Runic Formula- $1 (Same deal as Tarot, except flat rate)

(This genuinely isn’t a shitpost btw, I’m dead serious)

anonymous asked:

Hi, so what does astrology says about psychic abilities? someone told me once I might be cause of my chart so..

I can’t necessarily tell you what, or else we’d be here all day. But I could give you a guide as to where astrology points to psychic abilities. For starters, the go-to places to mainly look for psychic abilities are (Scorpio) 8th, (Sagittarius) 9th, & (Pisces) 12th house.

8th house is transformation, taboos, death, and reincarnation, in a sense. The rude awakening.

9th house is life after death almost. You start walking into expansion of the mind, religion, philosophy, psychic abilities, spirituality, and higher education in general.

12th house is the end of the journey, your unconsciousness. It delves into spiritual realization, psychic abilities, karmic debts, and self-undoing amongst other themes.

Also, look at the aspects in your chart. Essentially, if you have any harmonious Neptune & Pluto aspects. It also doesn’t do any harm to check the Moon and Uranus as well :).

karasuno pokemon AU
  • Daichi specializes in rock and fighting types. His starter is a makuhita
  • Suga is primarily a psychic type trainer. His starter is mime jr
  • Asahi’s are all ghost types somehow?? Help him? His starter is midreavus? He loves it but???
  • Kiyoko’s are all ice types. Her starter is smoochum.
  • Tanaka’s pokemon are all fighting types. His starter is a croagunk and they make faces together 
  • Nishinoya’s are all electric types. His starter is pachirisu
  • Ennoshita’s are mostly rock types with the exception of his starter, budew
  • Hinata’s are all flying types. His starter is starly.
  • Kageyama’s are all fire types. His starter is houndour. Houndour is the one with a sense of direction and the only reason kags hasn’t died in a ditch yet.
  • Yachi’s a normal type trainer. Her starter is whismur. They cry together it’s a bonding experience
  • Yamaguchi’s are all dragon types. All of them. The only exception is his magikarp starter. People used to make fun of him for it until tsukishima pointed out that it’d evolve into a gyrados you know and that they better watch their backs when it does
  • Tsukishima’s are all fairy types. His starter is togepi. The togepi took an abnormally long time to hatch and only came out of its egg when tsukishima started to gain more confidence and drive as a trainer. He does have an evee but everyone knows it’ll evolve into a sylveon. He’s not upset, fairy types are strong, but he is a little baffled. And surrounded in pink and sparkles 24/7. The image is a little off-putting if you know of his personality. But let it never be said that he doesn’t adore his pokemon to bits.