psychic pet

We ended up naming him Jeffrey. I wanted to name him Stannis but my psychic didn’t think that was a good idea.

white woman, in Boulder, at Ideal Market

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Uranus kind of flashes like a glitch in the matrix;  messages of the divine through music and television, ultra unusual and poignant ‘coincidence’, physical electrical currents, white hazes of spirits appearing in photographs, the psychic receptivity of pets, esoteric knowledge through internet, telepathy. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury and these two planets kind of work like impulses through each other. Uranus/Aquarius sparks the intuition/ingenuity which ride the wings of Mercury to comprise into thought. These are tangles of intellectual galaxies which circulate in the auric field ruled by Uranus. The association with the brain relates to epilepsy, psychological trauma, ingenuity, and nervous system disorders.
—  Cherry
Cool and weird jobs for each sign

Aries - A surgeon // A business owner

Taurus - A farmer // A vintner

Gemini - A tour guide // A bartender

Cancer - A pet psychic // A history teacher

Leo - A politician // A jewelry maker

Virgo - A sculptor // A doctor

Libra - A host or hostess // A designer

Scorpio - A forensic detective // A dominatrix

Sagittarius - An animal daycare owner // An importer or exporter

Capricorn - A financial planner // A website developer

Aquarius - A clean up man for crime scenes // A clothing designer

Pisces - An archive librarian // An illustrator or graphic artist

A Spirit Animal totem is a spirit guide that comes in a form of an animal, could be a former pet, animal from past life, a deceased loved one coming in the form of a spirit or symbology through your subconcious dream. This picture is rendered from my kitty  and her name is iTTY BiTTY. She is a russion blue and she loves when I do oracle readings, tarot and likes to play with my crystals.

Spirit Animal Totem:CAT

People that have a totem cat are highly creative and are very psychic and intutuitive. They’re literally very strong with their senses by seeing, hearing, feeling and picking up senses. They usually able to communicate with spirits , are able to pick up auras and chakras.  And may even work with vibrational energy healing such as sound and color.  They can be very mysterious and unpredictable. And yes tend to have one or more cats as pets, maybe even go overboard. 
When seeing a cat in your dreamsm This is the time to pay attention to your feminine energy and intuition,  Discover your independant spirit. Experiment with your creativity and power.