psychic flareon

Commission 38 - ‘Apr 15 - Eeveelution Brigade

Eivui, Showers, Thunders, Booster, Eifi, Blacky, Leafia, Glacia, Nymphia
Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon

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devilxlord  asked:

What if all off the pines, soos, Wendy, and fidds all had eevees. What do you think each of them would evolve it to? I could imagine Stanley with an umbreon that would be pretty badass heh

Dipper- a Vaporeon. It’s a really calm Pokemon that would be pretty easy for Dipper to handle. The fact that it can essentially melt into water for camouflage would probably interest Dipper like crazy too, resulting in him taking it to the nearby lake all the time.

Mabel- an Espeon or Sylveon. I’d figure Mabel would give the Eevee lots of love so it’d be bound to evolve into one of the two, she wouldn’t mind which one. Each one is usually pretty close to its trainer and would try its best to comfort her if she ever feels down. ( she’d also totally make sweaters for it too )

Stanley- an Umbreon. Being a sort of nighttime Pokemon that can blend into the shadows easily would really help out in any sort of “totally legal “activities, plus having a bit of an intimidating appearance would probably scare off any intruders or unsavory customers from the shack too.

Stanford- a Jolteon. Ford would probably evolve his Eevee so that it could help power up any of his inventions or projects, Plus having something that can shoot out 10.000-volt lightning bolts would be pretty helpful while out researching dangerous creatures. ( Imagining it trying to cuddle up to Ford and it giving him a shock causing his hair to stand up is cute too )

Soos- an Eevee! Soos would love his Eevee just the way it is and probably wouldn’t care about evolving it. Until one day when he’s carrying a box of what were supposed to be various fake evolution stones ( that Stan had tried selling off to people) and drops it, with one of the stones being REAL and falling onto the Eevees head evolving it into who knows what!

Wendy- a Leafeon. Leafeon is an almost purely pacifist Pokemon and would be pretty chill to just lay around all day with Wendy soaking in the sun. ( Being able to photosynthesize would help the area out a lot too )

Fiddleford- a Jolteon or Flareon. For some of the same reasons as Ford evolving his into a Jolteon, Fiddleford would probably evolve his so it could help out with his projects too. Jolteon would be able to power up his machines/robots and Flareon would be able to help “weld” the metal needed for them! ( Either one might shock/catch his beard on fire though )