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Smoky Quartz is known to be a very protective crystal and is perfect for keeping us within our own auric field. This allows us to remain grounded, even in the most stressful situations. Smoky Quartz can protect the user from negativity, while transmuting this energy by grounding it and sending it into the earth.

Many of those that are just learning about energy, chakras, healing, psychic abilities and protecting themselves would do well to use this crystal. It is incredibly easy to become ungrounded during this time and this beautiful crystal helps to keep us from “floating” away!

 An excellent choice for those who astral travel/astral project as it protects from negative entities attaching.

This is the perfect crystal to keep in your pocket throughout the day or use in a crystal grid. This is a hard working stone, so be sure to cleanse it often!


Constructs made by intent, and energy


In our practice energy is one of, if not the main fundamental construct that allows us to manifest our desires through our intent. Our consciousness, and state of being allows us to mold, and impact the energy around us allowing us to create, and give birth to new entities, consciousnesses, and constructs. This post serves as a list of different forms of creation based on intent, energy, and thought. It will start at the purest form, and work its way down to the more complicated constructs that can exist through the simple use of intent, and energy.

Pure Source Energy

Pure source energy is energy that has not been assigned a purpose besides existing. This energy comes directly from source, and usually becomes a form of programmed energy in some form, or another. This is the only one on this list that is not made by intent, and energy, but much rather is the basis for it.

Programmed Energy

Programmed energy is energy that has had intent, or emotion placed into it, so that it can be used to carry out a goal, or bring that specific energy into a situation. These programmed constructs of energy usually do not have any cognitive function, and are just the pure essence of the intent, or emotion that was placed into them. All forms of energy have some form of programming in them except for pure source energy. Programmed energy takes on the traits, and purpose of the intent, or emotion, and is the most basic form of energy that shows some form of consciousness. There are many different various ways energy can be programmed, or take on some form of programming. These programs can even be rewritten, or transmuted by other energies, or consciousnesses.

How to program energy:


A poltergeist is an entity that is created from non expressed high emotional feelings. These high emotional feelings usually manifest into a poltergeist by accident, and the person who creates them might not even know that they did create one. They are usually accidentally created by practitioners, or people who do not know they have a psychic gift. These entities are usually led by the intention of the high emotions, and are just made up of a high amount of programmed energy. They really don’t have much of a consciousness though, and they just pulled in the direction of the intent that they were created from.

More on Poltergeist :


Sigils in general are a type of symbol that are filled with a specific intent in order to be charged, and activated. Sigils can be pretty much anything as long as they can be filled with intent, and can be charged, and activated in order to manifest the intent. Sigils are assigned a specific intent, and then are given energy to use in order to further that intent. They are more advanced than simple programmed energy, because they act more as a producer of certain energies. As they are charged they transmute that energy into whatever the intent wants it to be, so that it can be used to fulfill its purpose. As you can see this makes them more like small intricate machines that are created for a certain purpose. In essence there are a lot more like simple servitors, and do not exactly have a complicated consciousness, but you can see the framework for an entity to start to form from the simple framework of a sigil.

How to make a sigil:


Servitors are an entity that is created from the energies, and intentions of a practitioner. They are entities that are commonly used to serve, or perform some form of task for usually the person who creates them. These entities are quite a lot more complicated then just some simple programmed energy, or sigil. These entities are usually given personalities, character traits, spiritual forms, names, housing, and a purpose. These entities usually release their energy in order to perform their purpose, because of this these entities need to take in energy into themselves in order to feed, so that they can continue to exist. They are most of the time subservient to the person who created them, but they do show a level of consciousness, and have even been shown to act upon it and go rogue at times. They are practically the beginning to a new simple entity that has been created simply through programmed energy, and intent. Though these entities usually do not have a lot of free will it has been documented that they can gain more of it, and learn to become self-sufficient.

How to make a servitor:


Tulpas are an entity created primarily through thought alone, and usually do not have housing. They are actually quite a lot like servitors in many ways, but they have been known to have a lot more free will, and are not usually assigned a overarching purpose. These entities usually take very intense focus to create, and are kept alive through feeding, and continuous attention in order to give it energy so that it can continue to exist. They have quite a lot of free will because they usually are not assigned purposes at least not in the same way servitors are. They are more like equal companions, and friends that just happened to be attached to you, and your mind.

How to make a Tulpa :


Egregores are thought forms that are created by the combined collective consciousness of a group of people. These will always form whenever a group comes together to further the same goal, and are like hive minds of energies for a specific group. These egregores still need to be maintained in order to grow more powerful, and to continue on existing separately of the consciousnesses that created it. Egregores are greatly influenced by the group of community members that are a part of it, and it builds its personality, essence, energy, and ideals off what the sum of them are thinking, intending, and releasing into the world. Egregores have pretty much complete free will, because they are not bound, or created in particular really by people. Their ideals, and intend come directly from the collective consciousness of all the people that are in the group, and will influence what they do, look like, and even act like. If these entities are greatly cared for they will eventually become powerful enough to exist without the consciousness, or energies of the group, and can continue on their own without them. Egregores can be created consciously if the group is aware of it, or in most cases will be created unconsciously of the group. Groups that are aware of it, and our magical practitioners of any type will usually create even stronger egregores when they come together, and if the egregores do eventually get strong enough they will take on a complete life of their own.


Godforms are very powerful, and free willed entities. they usually evolve from one of the other constructs of programmed energy, and will become a godform when they finally become powerful enough to sustain life on their own. These entities are very independent, and do have their own consciousnesses, personality, character traits, spiritual forms, beliefs, ideals, and morals. Once an entity reaches this state, they don’t need whoever, or whatever created them, and are completely unique, powerful, individuals. They can do whatever they wants to, but they usually hold their dominion over an aspect of something, and are worshipped, and/or fed by people in order to get stronger. They’re practically gods that were created like other types of thought forms but are known for being a lot stronger.


The things that can be created from our consciousnesses, intent, and energies can greatly affect the world around us. Our creations a very powerful even if we do not know it, and we have a responsibility to understand what we are capable of doing. Intent and energy can be a powerful tool if we know how to use it correctly.

STEAL THIS IDEA: Random Adventure Hooks

  • The heroes arrive at an inn and begin preparations for rest and refuel, perhaps on the road to another adventure (maybe your central plot). The weather outside isn’t pleasant, so when yet another drifter enters through the door and walks with a measured pace up to the bar, few might take notice. But then he opens his mouth, and every ear in the inn can hear that gravelly voice speak. His words come calm, measured, the tone matter-of-fact as if everything was already inevitable: “I’ve come for what’s owed me. Tonight, there’s no leaving this inn. You’re trapped in here with me.” Trying to leave the inn reveals the doors won’t budge, the windows may as well be walls of iron hundreds of feet thick. Everyone inside can see out through them, but it is as if they are worlds apart. As the immortal drifter speaks, the floors bend and break, unnaturally, and unspeakable horrors begin emerging. “So go on. Run to your rooms. Bar your doors. When the sun rises, I return to my eternal prison. But I have all night to feed. And my friends and I… we’re hungry as the mouths of hell.”
  • The heroes find themselves pitted against a chronomancer - just as she realizes that her defeat is inevitable she activates an ancient relic, igniting a curse and bending time for 24 hours. A portal opens, revealed to be a window to the past: the heroes’ past! Through the window the heroes see their former selves (several levels lower than they are now). The curse placed upon their past selves will draw more and more monsters to them, in numbers far surpassing what they could ever withstand alone. The current day heroes can get through the portal, to try and lend help that might enable their younger selves to survive the ordeal, thus saving themselves in the process. Can the older, wiser, more experienced party keep their counterparts safe for 24 hours? And what happens when you’re literally forced to face yourself in such strange, stressful, uncertain times?  
  • One of the heroes has a dream, and in it they watch someone being violently murdered. Near the dream’s end, they see the murderer’s face -barely discernible in the shadows- but those eyes seem to be looking right at them! Can the heroes discover the victim, and find clues to identify the killer? Or will the murderer, just as aware of what happened and knowing the danger posed by the witness, be able to kill the hero before they can be identified?
  • The heroes recently (unexpectedly) died in an encounter - Total Party Kill. But the story doesn’t end. What felt like brief moments of darkness suddenly fall away, and a blinding light heralds them back into the living world. Familiar voices of the entire party can be heard all around as their allies are awakened as well… but something is wrong. At first it’s just a feeling, unfamiliarity with their physical form makes sense when the party sees one another - in the bodies of constructs (golems? homunculi? you decide). A psychic entity retrieved the characters’ minds at their deaths, using their thoughts to give true sentience to her creations. But she sees them as hers now, to do with as she wishes, and their free will is something hanging just out of reach. What will she force them to do, as the heroes struggle to regain control of themselves. And is there any hope to regaining their true forms?
  • After killing a LARGE wolf (or any animal type you want) and searching its remains, the heroes are surprised to find REAL treasure on its corpse: clothing, gold, a dagger (and other such nonsense that treasure tables sometimes yield up on animal kills). They learn the reason why when a woman, out of breath and calling someone’s name, comes into view and -seeing the dead animal and the certain party members elbow deep in its corpse- screams. The heroes discover it was a lycanthrope in beast form, and they’ve killed an important figure in a very powerful family. How will the family react? How do other powerful families in the region rise to take advantage of what could be a power vacuum left behind (maybe criminal organizations)? What events have the heroes set in motion, and what can be done to restore order… or to at least get away from this place without being hunted down by one thing or another?

I just made these up. Any similarity with existing stories is completely by accident. As such, they are free for the taking and can be used by you or anyone you know in your own games or even novels. I lay no claim to these ideas, and hereby give them over royalty-free, openly and happily to the community I love.

If you do end up using any of these ideas (or being inspired by them), then I’d love to hear which one(s) and how you used them!

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Alien:  The Exiles

This is a basic write-up of the direction I am thinking of going for the aliens you would play as for the setting and how their metaphysics work to some degree.  A lot of the fluff and stuff is inspired by Barsoom, but the actual aliens are very different.  I just wanted to use Barsoom as a fun base or reference, even though I have never actually read any of the stories.  The aliens themselves are meant to encompass many alien media and concepts, so I settled on them being both psychic and shapeshifting entities so that the player can tailor whatever form they desire for their alien character (though obviously most look human most of the time).  A lot of the stuff is also inspired by alien conspiracies, though I know fairly little about those as well, and different conspiracies are can be weird and contradictory.  

The Nature of the Exiles:  The Exiles are a highly psychic species, and their physiology is tied to this psychic nature.  However, they are also a physical species, and their psychic control is tied to this physical form.  The connection of these two halves is extremely modular compared to humanity.  They are able to purposefully reshape and alter their bodies as they will thanks to their psychic control over said bodies.  However, there are limits and their physical forms are organic, but in a way very different from Earth biology.  They might have a heart that pumps blood, but this heart could have no muscles or nerves.  Instead it could be pumped by the conscious and purposeful telekinesis of the Exile’s mind.  This allows the Exiles to take on more fantastical and variety of forms than life on Earth.  This is a taxing and complicated process, and most Exiles pick a few favored forms or transformations that are easier for them to manifest, much like developing muscle memory.  Their psychic and biological nature also means that they feed simultaneously on organic matter, and psychic emanations.  The latter can be sated fairly harmlessly from background psychic radiation, but can also be harvested purposefully and violently.  

This disconnect between their psychic or ethereal nature, and their physical or biological one is due to the Exiles operating on a different plane of existence that overlaps our own.  They obey different rules or physics that are not precisely understood by even themselves, as they accepted this nature as a fundamental reality that simply is.  Coming to Earth forces them to obey its physics, but is mixed with their own, severely limiting their power and abilities, and further disorienting and confusing them.  These two planes of existence exist simultaneously, but Earth largely obeys one, while Mars largely obeys the other.  However, there was some overlap in the past, with the two worlds sharing psychic thoughts with one another across the void, but it was only within the last century or so that the two layers overlapped enough that allowed the Exiles to make the journey to Earth.  The exact catalyst for this overlap is a great mystery that the Exiles wish to unravel, as understanding it might help them adapt to their new lives and fully unlock their potential.  

With Mars essentially being a dead world except for a few underground cities, the Exiles have made the journey to Earth through a form of astral projection.  Through their psychic nature, they fling their consciousness across the aether, and into bodies on Earth.  These bodies are constructed by either their psychic telekinesis or by already native Exiles.  They must be tailor made due to the disconnect of the physics of the two worlds, and the bodies on Earth are a blend purposefully made to house the psychic potential of the Exiles.  This process is extremely taxing, and spreads their psychic potential between both worlds.  Their old body is still present and it anchors them to Mars.  This severely reduces their abilities on the Earth side, and creates a vulnerability.  The longer they remain on Earth and more power they gain, the more of themselves they are able to transfer.  Most Exiles’ ultimate goal is to complete the transfer, as it brings their full potential over, removes their vulnerability, and is the only way they can reproduce on Earth.  

Despite the separation of the two worlds and even physics, the people of Mars’ psychic nature has made them quite aware of Earth and its myriad cultures.  Strong thoughts and dreams are detected both subtly and consciously across the void by the Martians.  The development of human civilizations coincided alongside the Martians, and in many ways shaped them.  Though the two are very different societies, they share many similarities and concepts, such as culture, religion, societal structures, and art.  It is believed they in turn shaped Earth, though more subtly, due to humans having less psychic awareness compared to the Martians.  Things like fantasy books on aliens might have been inspired by the psychic emanations of Mars reaching susceptible and creative minds.  This shared knowledge has allowed the Exiles to better integrate into humanity, but it is only a baseline and Earth is still very much a confusing and alien place to them.  

SPOILERS:  This section is me thinking up some spoilery background stuff that if it were an actual World of Darkness setting would be implied rather than directly laid out.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think World of Darkness likes to keep some stuff vague, but still implied, so that the player can come up with their own explanations and add mystery to the setting (such as the judges/guardians of the afterlife of Mummy being implied to be the former rulers of the ancient civilization).  Since this would never be official, feel free to read some of my ideas below.  

Origin of the Aliens:  So since World of Darkness doesn’t generally allow for real extraterrestrials, I had an idea where I tie their origin to Earth.  When life began to emerge on Earth, there were many unique organisms that emerged but then quickly died out, such as in the Cambrian Explosion.  The origin of alien life is tied to this, where bacteria or higher organism that operates on different physics from normal life emerged on Earth during one of these explosions.  However, Earth’s physics and competition with other life was not amenable to this unique lifeform and through primitive psychic power, or maybe an eruption of asteroids or something, these early seeds were flung away from Earth.  This life landed on Mars, and other planets and planetoids, where without the competition of “normal” lifeforms formed their own unique ecosystems.  Thus, the Exiles and related entities aren’t so much “alien” as they are beings of Earth origin, and also explains why, though difficult, can operate on the planet.  

Roswell and Other Events:  So I picture the primary setting taking place in Las Vegas Nevada, as on top of being a unique place for storytelling, is also close to Area 51, which ties into alien conspiracies.  One of the things I mentioned above is that the aliens operate on different physics through an overlapping plane of existence.  This is why it was difficult for them to come to Earth long ago, but something changed within the last century to allow for their travel.  I am thinking the catalyst that allowed for the two planes and physics to overlap, at least on Earth, is the crash at Roswell or other mysterious crashes, such as the Tunguska Event.  I am thinking that these crashes are the result of powerful Martian psychics flinging chunks of Mars, some mysterious psychic artifacts, or even themselves into the Earth in order to create an anchor between the two worlds.  This foothold or beacon caused the two plains or physics to overlap more and has allowed the Exiles to more easily migrate.  Due to the unstable nature of Martian politics due to societal breakdown, most Exiles are not aware of this, but they on some level know that these mysterious events are tied to them somehow, and wish to uncover them.  

Anyway, those are some ideas.  I was trying to combine various ideas/conspiracies/depictions of aliens, thus why I tried to make them both psychic and shapeshifting, as well as why I made them partly extradimensional as well as extraterrestrial.  Thoughts and feedback are appreciated as I am not tied to all of these ideas.  If you know any interesting alien conspiracies or concepts, I would like to know. 

Psychic Paper

Within a certain physical range, psychic paper allows the user to see what the user wants them to show. The substance has a mathematically-created fractal pattern that completely wrecks havoc on the visual systems such as eyes, and instead there is a blank spot in mental processing where the object should be. So instead the mind tries to fill in with context clues what should be. This is a basic facet of visual processing, leading to optical illusions; this is why there is a blind spot in your eye but your mind fills it in, or when you ignore your glasses frame. So in that blank spot, your mind can take in auditory clues (“this is my id”) and mentally stored images (what an id would look like, what their information on the id would look like), and fills in the rest. However, basic psychic training, like at torchwood, can teach an entity to spot psychic paper and just see the blank pattern; much like you can learn to identify optical illusions, or find your blind spot. It just takes knowledge of psychic paper, which most humans do not have. Humans with dull imaginations or of particularly high intelligence, like Shakespeare, are impervious to psychic paper.

No known entities across the universe have been discovered as of yet to be able to see the actual mathematics-based fractal pattern of the psychic paper. All catalogued organisms evolved eyes in very similar ways, so they all see the illusion, or if they are clever, just a blank white spot. It is unknown what race created the psychic paper originally, although they must have had incredible knowledge of mathematics, the functioning of the cerebral cortex and ocular processing systems of the majority of lifeforms, and powerful psychic ability. Psychic paper has trace psychic connection, and may actually be a very, very thin computer that looks like paper, which is why psychic beings can interact with it in various ways, such as a communication device.

It is rumored that somewhere there are psychic beings with skins entirely made of that substance, and can appear to look and sound like any organism. It is also rumored that psychic paper is actually harvested from their skin, though no reliable reports of this has been found.

The Culexus Assassins are the most sinister, feared, and hated of all Imperial Assassins. They are null-entities in the warp, and their unnatural lack of a presence inspiring a sense of unease even in non-psykers. To psykers their mere presence is terrifying, invoking panic. In the confusion caused by this fear, the assassin can move in on its target and eliminate them. To purely psychic entities like daemons, they are invisible.

A Culexus Assassin dispatches a Chaos Sorceror

The Culexus Assassins are the most sinister, feared, and hated of all Imperial Assassins. They are null-entities in the warp, and their unnatural lack of a presence inspiring a sense of unease even in non-psykers. To psykers their mere presence is terrifying, invoking panic. In the confusion caused by this fear, the assassin can move in on its target and eliminate them. To purely psychic entities like daemons, they are invisible.

The motto of their temple is: That which is unknown and unseen always commands the greatest fear.

There’s a problem you get when you have a character that is really powerful on a team. You have to find a way of taking them out quickly so the fight isn’t immediately over. Even if it doesn’t always make sense. (I am pretty sure the whole “psychic entity” thing is how Bobby rolls. If it isn’t, feel free to leave me a long angry message about how stupid I am.)

I like to think that Bobby isn’t a big fighting guy, but he is a pretty big nap guy.

…there isn’t really a joke here. This is just something I wanted to bring up. (Alien dude is right though, it’s better to not overthink it.)

Watch on

So I recently tried this and it’s really amazing! For those who don’t know what Spirit Guide’s are: Spirit guide is a term used by the Western tradition of Spiritualist Churches, mediums, and psychics to describe an entity that remains a disincarnate spirit in order to act as a guide or protector to a living incarnated human being. For me, I had two of them but only one talked. It does involve chakras and is an hour long so I’d suggest making sure you have some free time. You might be extremely nervous or scared the first or few times but that’s perfectly normal. Hope this helps! - Raven

The pain-body is my term for the accumulation of old emotional pain that almost all people carry in their energy field. I see it as a semi-autonomous psychic entity. It consists of negative emotions that were not faced, accepted, and then let go in the moment they arose. These negative emotions leave a residue of emotional pain, which is stored in the cells of the body. There is also a collective human pain-body containing the pain suffered by countless human beings throughout history. The pain-body has a dormant stage and an active stage. Periodically it becomes activated, and when it does, it seeks more suffering to feed on. If you are not absolutely present, it takes over your mind and feeds on negative thinking as well as negative experiences such as drama in relationships. This is how it has been perpetuating itself throughout human history. Another way of describing the pain-body is this: the addiction to unhappiness.
—  Eckhart Tolle

unstablexsociety  asked:

Do you know anything I could use to enchant a piece of jewelry with protection against nightmares or night terrors?

The first thing that I can say is that if you are experiencing night terrors after hitting puberty then you should seek medical aid. This is often a sign of a much bigger problem. Having dealt with sleep related medical problems myself I do urge you to make sure nothing is physically wrong before you seek the help of magic.

That being said. What I would suggest is finding an appropriate piece of jewelry (will discuss that in a moment) and place it in an herb mix during the day and wearing it when you go to bed at night.

Be sure to replace the herb mixture every lunar cycle.

Now the reason why I am being vague about the type of herbs and jewelry is that the TYPE of nightmares that you are having change what you need to use. So I will write up a list and you will need to decide what is best for you. I will try to make the list as complete as possible. However if I don’t cover what you need feel free to message me back with any particular of your dreams and I will be more than happy to recommend something for you, privately of course.

-Silver: Silver is the connected with nearly all night goddesses and evenings in general. It has a direct association with dreams. It also is a metal that is used in protection and travel. Since many associate dreams with travel this is one of the best metals to use for any and all dream work.

-Steel: This one may surprise you. But steel is literally THE anti-nightmare metal. It doesn’t have a lot of magical history attached to it the way silver and gold do. But all steel protects against negativity. Sleeping with steal beneath he bed is a traditional remedy for protection against nightmares.

-Chalcedony: People only want to associate the moonstone with the Moon but Chalcedony has been used as a lunar stone for longer. It is associated with inner peace, anti-nightmares, protection and luck. It is an absolutely beautiful stone and one of my favorites to work with. This works best if your nightmares are ever-changing and hard to break out of.
-Citrine- another anti nightmare stone that is worn at night to prevent fear, fight off night hags, and ensure a deep and restful sleep. This is best used if you think another witch or psychic entity is sending these dreams to you as an attack.
-Holey Stones- Also called Odin Stones, Holy stones, Holed Stones, or (my favorite) Odin stones. There is a myth attached to these that Odin turned himself into a worm and slipped through a hole in a rock in order to steal the mead of poetry. Yup. Odin wanted to get drunk of words. But a Holey stone tied with a red ribbon is hung over the bed or around the neck to help with nightmares. If your nightmares are about being over powered and out of control this would be best for you.
Jet- This is an anti-nightmare stone that is best if your nightmares are repetitive.Jet absorbs mental negativity, especially repetitive in nature. This is not Jet’s only essence but it is the essence that matters most here. Be very careful when purchasing Jet, twice I have gotten so called Jet jewelry only for it to be black glass…which is divinatory in nature…which could make nightmares worse.
-Lepidolite- This is best for stress related nightmares. It is an easily broken stone and flakes. It is easy to carve symbols into, however and placed against the brow every night before going to sleep.
-Ruby-Okay, I know it is expensive. But Ruby is incredible for blocking nightmares. Especially if those nightmares are violent in nature. Rubies have a LONG history of absorbing the terror of battle, blood, death, attacks, and other similar problems. If your dreams are violent in nature Rubies can help with that.

The Herbs:
When you look up sleep herbs most of what you will find is about getting to sleep. And sometimes that’s not the problem. It’s protection while dreaming that you need to focus on here. If you need help getting to sleep I’d suggest chamomile and licorice tea, or peppermint. Both are good. Unless you are prone to frightful prophecy dreams…then I don’t suggest peppermint. Peppermint can promote psychic dreams when ingested regularly.

What I suggest is filling a jar, glass, or chalice with a mix of the following herbs and put the item you are using in it every morning, leave it there, and then take it out as you go to bed.

-Anise Seeds: Very good for protection from negativity and bad dreams. I HIGHLY suggest these.
-Cedar: Many witches say you have to burn cedar to free the energy within. I highly disagree. It’s just the fastest. Cedar is innately beautiful and great for many things, but by mixing in cedar chips to this you can encompass the item in the good and powerful energy within.
-Jasmine: The ultimate in the good sleep herb jasmine not only promotes good rest but peaceful dreams.
-Mandrake: DO NOT eat this. It is poisonous. It is, however, considered one of the most potent of magical herbs out there. It grows in the shape of a man and if you think that your dreams are part of some psychic attack then having one beneath the bed while you sleep can help.
-Mistletoe: Specifically the leaves. These will help with nightmares and if you think that your dreams are prophetic in nature can block them. Not all of us want prophecy dreams.
-Mugwort- Can help you exert control over your dreams and promote lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is when you know you are dreaming and can manipulate the dream to be what you want. I do not recommend this if your dreams are stress related.
-Mullein: Anti nightmare herb that is best for prolonged use.
-Rosemary: fresh is better than dried but either can help. Rosemary is the easiest to get a hold of. It is best if your nightmares are due to spiritual manipulation. Dead Ones who are trying to communicate and causing nightmares, either on purpose or accidental.
-Vervain: If you use vervain in the mix do NOT place it on your head. This might sound weird but vervain has two uses. When used in a mix like I’ve suggested it can be helpful in blocking dreams. When placing it on your brow or over your third eye it can AWAKEN psychic dreams. Let’s not do that till you get your current dreams under control.
-Wood Betony: The leaves, not the wood, Not only can you use this in the mix, but placing a single leaf at each corner of your bed can repel any dream ridden spirits.

Just pick a few herbs and make a mix. Things that feel right to you and are easy for you to get a hold of on a regular basis. Remember to change the mix every lunar cycle.

So, take this list into consideration. A bit of jewelry might not be the best for you. But it is a good idea. Let me know if you need any more help!


Folks, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but Einstein was not some sort of mystical fortune-cookie-parable-spouting Science-Buddha — no matter what some of the wacky things the photo-quotes keep misattributing to him.

After reading some more fake Einstein quotes on my feed this afternoon, here is something that he *actually* wrote that is worth reading.

This was a 1945 letter to French mathematician Jacques S. Hadamard who was conducting a survey of the mental processes of famous scientists.

“My Dear Colleague:

In the following, I am trying to answer in brief your questions as well as I am able. I am not satisfied myself with those answers and I am willing to answer more questions if you believe this could be of any advantage for the very interesting and difficult work you have undertaken.

(A) The words or the language, as they are written or spoken, do not seem to play any role in my mechanism of thought. The psychical entities which seem to serve as elements in thought are certain signs and more or less clear images which can be “voluntarily” reproduced and combined.

There is, of course, a certain connection between those elements and relevant logical concepts. It is also clear that the desire to arrive finally at logically connected concepts is the emotional basis of this rather vague play with the above-mentioned elements. But taken from a psychological viewpoint, this combinatory play seems to be the essential feature in productive thought — before there is any connection with logical construction in words or other kinds of signs which can be communicated to others.

(B) The above-mentioned elements are, in my case, of visual and some of muscular type. Conventional words or other signs have to be sought for laboriously only in a secondary stage, when the mentioned associative play is sufficiently established and can be reproduced at will.

© According to what has been said, the play with the mentioned elements is aimed to be analogous to certain logical connections one is searching for.

(D) Visual and motor. In a stage when words intervene at all, they are, in my case, purely auditive, but they interfere only in a secondary stage, as already mentioned.

(E) It seems to me that what you call full consciousness is a limit case which can never be fully accomplished. This seems to me connected with the fact called the narrowness of consciousness (Enge des Bewusstseins).”