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Hey, you don't even know me, but I know that Jenavieve Lily Cresselia has a crush on you. But what if I told you she has a powerful mental illness that even she's not aware of? Her Mental illness causes her to turn others into dolls using psychic powers or kill others and use their body parts to make dolls, even mannequins. But that only happens when she's on heart break or brokenhearted for short. What would you do if you saw her turning others into dolls due to her mental illness?

BennAshe: but…there something you didnt Specified…if she kills innocent ones of course i will jump to stop her…but if she kills evil ones meeh…i wont jump at her, she will basically be doíng a favour to the world


Signs Running Stores
  • Aries: runs a sports store like Nike, has a very rugged and adventurous vibe
  • Taurus: runs a fairly successful takeout place that has modest prices but is the talk of the town
  • Gemini: runs a cosmetic place like the Body Shop where you cannot resist buying something totally unnecessary like bitter orange bath bombs
  • Cancer: runs a gift shop like Archie's, with soft toys and cards everywhere- where you'd probably go to cheer a friend or yourself up
  • Leo: runs a jewelry store- classy, glamorous and highly profitable
  • Virgo: runs a hipster-y bookstore, with exposed brick walls, small bean bags, the works
  • Libra: runs a cute but classy clothing store, with tasteful decor and amazing variety
  • Scorpio: runs Hot Topic
  • Sagittarius: runs a thrift shop where you buy the weirdest stuff ever for a dollar, like piranha shaped lampposts
  • Capricorn: runs a stationery place that draws people around in a five mile radius to it like moths to a flame
  • Aquarius: runs an antique store where people often go to escape their daily life and relax in places they've never been
  • Pisces: runs a psychic place with voodoo dolls and glass balls, seems like a bunch of crock but is pretty entertaining
  • -Absinthe
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I am so super thrilled (and terrified, and nervous, etc, whatever) to bring to you all the grand opening of my new webcomic, THE DUMMY’S DUMMY! A PG horror-comedy-adventure story, it features living dolls, psychic kids, prophetic dreams, things literally lurking in your closet and under your bed, and more, and I’m pleased to bring it you in 5-page batches each Saturday at exactly 10:00AM!

Because I’m just too excited, I’m releasing the 5-page prologue to read TODAY, with regular updates starting on the 24th and every Saturday after that.

This is just a pet project of mine, more an attempt to actually complete a single issue of a comic, from start to finish, so it’s all a huge learning process, but I hope you guys enjoy it! The entire first chapter (50pgs) is already complete, so you can count on regular updates for the next 10 weeks- but if you want to just read it all in one go AND support me, Your Humble Broke Artist, at the same time, pdfs of the full chapter will become available starting after week 2.

In the meantime, click here to start reading the prologue!
A Psychic Said My Creepy Doll Is Definitely Haunted
I took a doll I bought off eBay to a psychic medium to communicate with its ghost.
By Joanna Borns

“Whoa!” she gasped. “I’m looking into her eyes and I get the feeling of someone looking back at me. She’s gotta be haunted because this is wild. I know that she’s haunted.”

I didn’t expect such a definitive diagnosis. Jane has a personal test she uses to detect spirits — a physical response in her body when a ghost is near. “I will expand anywhere from three and a half to five inches,” she explained. “That’s how I can determine if something is haunted or not. Watch my stomach.” She backed away from the doll. Her stomach deflated. She stepped toward the doll. Her stomach inflated again. According to the stomach test, the doll was definitely haunted.

Still, Jane assured me that it wasn’t evil.

“It’s definitely not malevolent,” she said. “This one is not scary at all.”

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Is it possible that Jenna is redcoat? On that night, she was wearing a redcoat and black gloves, and we know that the real redcoat wears a blonde wig and black gloves.

Absolutely possible.

The evidence suggests the (real) original Red Coat was a brunette.

Alison adopted her Vivian Darkbloom look to mimic this person.

We know Alison really did wear this outfit, because when Aria put on the red coat in Brookhaven, Duncan mistook her for “Vivian.”

And Seth, the psychic boy at the doll hospital, said there were two people who wanted to hurt Alison: a man and a woman, both with dark hair.

But somewhere along the way, the look flipped from brunette to blonde. Perhaps meaning that Red Coat had begun to imitate Alison, rather than the other way around. Hence the blonde wigs and Ali masks that began to show up, post Season Two.