psychiatric treatment problems

anti self-dxers invalidating and often insulting minors who have no access to psychiatric treatment is a huge problem in and of itself, which obviously needs to be addressed

but what i also have a problem with is that anti self-dxers appear to believe that everyone who self-diagnoses is a person (usually a minor) who’s never had access to psychiatric treatment

they infantilize us, they act as though we’re not “actually” mentally ill, as though we’re making things difficult for those who are “actually” mentally ill

like, hi. i’m an adult with a handful of professional diagnoses (including very stigmatized illnesses) and years of experience with psychiatry

and i still have some self-diagnosed conditions

do you know why?

because i’ve been failed a lot by psychiatry. because i have been flat-out refused access to evaluation and proper diagnosis by multiple doctors. because i have been faced with ableist doctors and with doctors who honest to god do not know what the fuck they’re taking about. because psychiatry is so far from perfect, it actually disgusts me.

so, yes, i do have professional diagnoses. but that isn’t what makes me mentally ill. my fucking mental illnesses are what make me mentally ill. mental illnesses that i would have whether or not a doctor told me i have them.