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Wyoming Man Andy Sandness Gets ‘Miracle’ Face Transplant 10 Years After Attempting Suicide

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His doctor called it a 'miracle,’ but for Andy Sandness, a face transplant gave him his life back, 10 years after he’d tried to end it all.

The Wyoming man, 31, received a face transplant at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota last June in a 56-hour operation, according to the Associated Press.

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First week at the new job…

I have an office! With a bathroom! (It’s a shared office but hey, it’s got a door that closes and that’s what matters here.)

Everybody seems nice. They’re keeping the temp worker on through April to give me time to learn the position (read: computer system and paperwork).

Being a lesbian social worker with radical politics in a hospital setting is weird! Everybody is straight! The people in my team don’t seem to have bad politics, per say, but there’s less patient-centered language than I would like to hear for sure. Also, the other social worker who has a background in substance use treatment who claimed to be familiar with harm reduction uses the terms “substance abuse” and “drug addict” a lot so no, definitely not a full understanding of what harm reduction means.

It’s not bad. It certainly provides a better quality of life for me. And there are people doing good work there. It’s just…different. And I’m just trying to figure out how to incorporate my ideals and ethics into this system. My first supervisor told me that it’s important for “people like us” to work in systems outside our radical circles to better advocate for our clients and interrupt those systems. Be the change, right?

Folks in hospital social work…is it common for holidays to be wrapped up in your total PTO allowance? I was unaware until after starting work here that I don’t actually have the same amount of PTO I had at my last job because 6 of those days are holidays. And on my unit, we don’t work holidays so whether I want to or not, I have to use PTO for Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc. I’m just wondering if this is standard for hospitals.

Fellow psychiatric social workers...

How are your units staffed? What is your max capacity and usual census?

For reference, there are two full-time social workers on our unit. We have capacity for 29 but census is usually anywhere from 12-22. We are part of the social work/case management department but also separate. There is no cross-training so when one of us is out, the other has to handle the entire unit (which means completing all initial assessments within one business day from admission and all discharge planning).

I’m curious how psych units at other hospitals are staffed. I really think we need a per diem social worker or a medical social worker who is cross trained but have no frame of reference to know if this is common practice.