Last night I had a dream where all the people were based on Tumblr blogs I follow.

Killeroftheweek was my zany bff. 

Horrorharbor was my somewhat creepy and vague but generally harmless Obi-Wan type. And, true to type, they died. (In a shipwreck…which is weird ‘cause we were in a desert)

Stargateconfessions was my advisor, with a personality a lot like Sam Carter. 

Solisalex24 was the bad guy. He kidnapped psychgifs, played by James Roday (I blame 'Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark’, which was on Ion last night). 

There were a few other personified-blogs, but they were more background characters. 

So in the dream, Solisalex24 kidnapped psychgifs and held it hostage on a half-sunk pirate ship in the middle of the desert. Horrorharbor creeped around my house 'til it got my attention then creepily (but informatively) told me what’s what. The two of us assembled a team of badasses (me, of course, and stargateconfessions and killeroftheweek) and journeyed through the desert to rescue psychgifs, meeting many interesting Tumblr blogs along the way. When we got there, Solisalex24 had booby-trapped the pirate ship and Horrorharbor sacrificed itself so that the rest of us could proceed. A somewhat slapstick swordfight ensued before Solisalex accidentally hit the ship’s self-destruct button and it began sinking into the sand. We rescued psychgifs and got out of there before the ship completely disappeared.

Well, I’m pretty sure we did. I woke up before we completely escaped…

But anyway. This is why I shouldn’t ponder NaNoWriMo while on Tumblr at 2AM and binge-watch Psych on Ion all at the same time. 

How can a person be in one fandom

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