I shouldn’t be writing this but idgaf i’m a little inspired~ I think this is a prologue or something.

Thinking back Jared was pretty sure it was Gen’s fault. He had a simple life where he had a beautiful wife and a funny best friend. Now his life was filled with two pagan gods and only one of them was sleeping on his couch because he was pretty certain Gabriel (or Loki he could never keep up with the names he came up with) slept with them in their bed and poofed away right before either of them woke up. He liked his boring life where everything that could go wrong would go wrong. It was no longer Murphy’s Law it was Jared’s Law. 

It was written in the stars. All the bad things would happen to him and the good things would happen to Jensen but it was okay because he had Gen and she was smokin’ and funny and down to Earth and everything Jared has ever wanted in anybody. He had Gen and Jensen had Jared which was okay by both parties.

But right now Gen is glaring at him like it was /his/ idea that they invite Misha into their lives. Like it’s his fault that Jensen is heartbroken and Misha’s on the run and Lucifer is after Jared’s balls. It’s not his fault but he’s not saying it’s Gen ’s fault either. 

If it’s at all possible it’s Misha’s fault. Or maybe it’s Jensen’s fault for sleeping with Misha and seriously who sleeps with their best friends God? Especially one like Misha. The thing is he doesn’t exactly regret Misha coming into their life either. It’s a weird situations and he’s pretty sure if Lucifer didn’t want to murder Misha and take Gen and Jared for his own it would have turned out fine. But that’s how it happened. And this is what he has to deal with now. 

So that’s why he’s sitting here, waiting on Gabriel another pagan god who is a pain in the ass but has also somehow entered a relationship with him and his wife and he doesn’t know how the fuck that happened either. Maybe if he thought back he could figure out how this all went down…

(I think I’ll start the next part off with “It was all Jared fault” in Gen’s POV ^_^

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I think I didn’t really get into shipping crack ships/crossovers until I met you. I hadn’t really thought of the concept before. Yes! Pinto was my first OTP and I will never get rid of them. Just… I can’t wait for the next Star Trek. :D

They don’t call me King of the crackships for nothing. 

they don’t call me king of the crackships


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Well, I consider myself sort of a multishipper. But sometimes I do have OTPs and there’s nothing that can break that. Like, I can’t really ship ZQ/Groff as well because Pinto is just… unbreakable. But I cannot choose a lot of the time.

I can multiship crack ships or crossover ships but that’s about it. I am severely jealous. Wanna see me lose some followers? 



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That’s what I do as well. Check tags, your tumblr, etc, etc. Well, I guess we kinda are? Sometimes I just don’t know what to ship because a lot of things are so pretty and I’m like ‘why choose sides?’ argh. But yeah, that’s all.

I can probably physically ship anything. Hello I ship ZQ/Wallace Wells because they are both fabulous gay men. But emotionally I only have certain OTPs.  It’s weird. Sometimes I feel jealousy for the multishippers because they don’t have all these feelings of betrayal and angst at other pairings.  It’s freaking weird. Like ZQ/Groff.  I could be like “they’re cute” but I don’t know if I would actually be able to physically make myself ship them. And yes I can ship rl couples because I TOTALLY ship RDJ/Susan/Jude or even RDJ/Susan+Jude. 

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Yup. It kinda sucks, but sometimes it can be entertaining. Okay, I’ll do that later. It should be… fun? Yeah, they are nasty. I just don’t like it when they go too far. Also, I find it funny that I’m having two separate conversations with you.

I thought this was pretty funny as well.  When I’m done answering your asks I can check to see if you replied anything ahhaha. If we were really crafty we’d be having a COMPLETELY different conversation there too.  Dean/Castiel via askbok and  Kum via messages :P

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No, I haven’t actually. I’ve seen a little bit of Wincest vs Destiel. And I saw that it could get a bit brutal at times. I can’t imagine what that would look like though. I bet it would be entertaining though and I want to see it sometime.

Well, yeah. Nowadays that’s all you see :\ but if you want to see most of it check the ‘kum’ tag because there’s always a SHIT TON of Klaine graphics and shit under there because they’re assholes have issues. I could be biased because I hear it’s brutal the other way around too but whatever whatever. Ship wars are nasty, especially over the internet where you can hide behind anonymous and shit.

psychedelicwarriors replied to your post: NGL I want to see an epic brawl between the following ships

That might turn bloody… but then all the rest of the people who ship other things or the multishippers will get a good show. Yeah, I think it would be good too. Actually, now I really want that, but at the same time I don’t. I make no sense.

Have you seen Klaine vs Kum shippers? THEY. ARE. INSANE. Kind of entertaining. There’s a crackfic somewhere in here though…

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I'm sorry I feel like I'm ignoring you and being a bad friend or something, sorry. Oh and uh, yeah, you should keep that in, definitely. It's your fic, well... partly, but you write whatever you want to.

I'll go do that too

You’re not though. Trust me. I’d let you know. It’s equally our fic because I asked you to write it with me. It’s like half half in my mind. I’m hoping when this week is over I’ll write more because I worked 40+ hours and next week I work 25 but then I leave for vacation :| 

for my birthday :| 

which i don’t want to go. and i have to hang out with my ex boyfriend and it’s just not fun. But I’m getting shitfaced on my birthday lol so expect tweets i think. 

But we’ll get it eventually. I mean it’s set in the future so technically we have 5 years to write it haha

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It kinda sucks that it stops you from doing something you really like doing. But I'm sure you probably get more compliments than complaints. The thing is, complaints and stuff like that always leave a bigger mark and it sucks. Idk. Your choice on what you do though, not other people.

yeah i know. i don’t know when you sent this i was trying to finagle my tags into working. I WAS TRYING TO WRITE IN THE TAGS ABOUT THIS ONE QAF STORY BUT NOOOO. it got all the tags messed up. Boooo. 

fuck i do have to go read that fic i was referencing in said post though

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Well then... idk. Maybe it just depends on the person and maybe... how they read?

But yeah, I know the feeling. When someone says something about your fic or something to improve on so you're really paranoid about the other ones you write. Idk.

like my last five dean/cas fics I haven’t even sent to the deancastiel comm on lj because I think they suck and idk idk. I just get really weird. I put some of them on ao3 so I guess that’s just as good. 

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Okey dokey. And yeah, I'll double check, but I'm sure it'll be fine. They're not confusing. Maybe if you have no idea what's going on or something... idk. But they're not really confusing for me.

it was funny because she commented saying it was confusing then right under it someone else said “lol it’s not confusing i got it”

i always thought i got it because hello i came up with the plot but i haven’t heard a complaint. but i get really paranoid about it now.