psychedelic printed skirt

kaleighisnoangel  asked:

You obviously have a lot of body confidence. Why wouldn't you, you're beautiful. I am going to a water park with my family in a week. I recently bought a two piece swimsuit. A retro halter with a psychedelic print and black skirted bottoms. I have stretch marks all over my stomach. I am really not confident, but I like my new swim suit. I'm afraid of being stared at and laughed at by all the skinny girls who will be there...

First of all, pat yourself on the back for actually buying a bathing suit- much less a 2 piece! Most people never even get that far. Secondly, I’m not sure where you live but I can say from my personal experience living in over 15 different states that NO ONE is gonna laugh at you. They might stare but how do you know it’s because of how you look in a suit? Maybe it’s because they think you look nice or they actually LIKE it! Right? Worst case scenario they do laugh you ignore it or flip them off- whatever makes you feel better. In the end you still win because you are putting yourself out there & they are sad & pathetic. Chin up! You got this!