psychedelic phenethylamines

2C-C trial 1/14/15

Yesterday afternoon I consumed 20mg of 2C-C at ~2:45 PM orally. This was my first trial of a psychedelic in almost 2 years since I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I consumed 750mg Leveiracetam last night and 125mg of Lamotrigine in the morning. I consumed 2.5 g of phenibut beforehand. I had consumed ~75 mgs of cannabis smoked earlier.

T+20 Spend a long time in the shower, beginning to come up

T+30 - Perception altered, visual clarity increased. Fleeting nausea, beginning of typical PEA body buzz

T+40 - Yawning, some anxiety. Nervous but calm and collected

T+50 - Yawning so much that I am tearing up, light to threshold effects. Mild +/~++. Light visual patterning.

T+60 - I consume an additional 10mg orally of 2C-C along with some water. Taste is metallic and bitter. Typical 2C taste, slightly caustic. 

T+80 - I eat a small amount, I begin to feel the additional 10migs. Wishing that I dosed slightly higher, but I remember that it is important to titrate my dosage. Safety is paramount, I do not want to be overwhelmed.

T+90 - Increased visual patterning, some animated open eyed visual distortions. I exercise and lift weights for some time, increased endurance and stamina but yet lethargic and sedated

T+100 - Nausea, some more anxiety about the onset. Is this typical, was this the right time, what is my seizure threshold? The nausea is intense, I wish to vomit but cannot. Perhaps inducing vomiting would have been wise at this point, I have no benadryl to alleviate the nausea. I should have administered the material rectally, but I lacked a syringe. I prepare for an intense introspective experience. The psychedelica is fleeting, but present nonetheless. It is far more mental than visual in manifestation. 

T+110 - Anxiety comes and goes. The anti-epileptics and phenibut have likely diminished the visual activity. Body load is present, manifests in mild motor tremors. Warm organic body high, but cold and shivering

T+120 - Headache in the temporal/occipital region of my head. Not atypical with PEAs. It is throbbing, light, but certainly present. I take 1000mgs of acetaminophen. Physically aroused

T+130 - I am still coming up, the effects are beginning to fully manifest. I listen to David Bowie and Bitches Brew by Miles Davis. I then watch the Eric Andre show, far above baseline but nothing to write home about.

T+140 - Mid ++ on Shulgin scale. Warm and organic body high still present. Mucosal consistency changed, typical with 2C series. Mild cough and expectorant properties present. Strobing present in my visual field. Some fractals and mandelas.

T+160 - I lay in bed, introspective. Racing thoughts. Nausea mostly abated.

T+180 - Overall pleased with the experience so far. I wish this headache would go away.

T+200 - I smoke cannabis, the mental psychedelica is markedly increased

T+230 - For a total of 30mg orally, the visual effects are disappointing but mentally I am at a high ++. I listen to modal jazz and hard bop, menial tasks are hard to accomplish. I space out occasionally.

T+300 I smoke more cannabis and have some kaleidoscopic OE visuals. Closed eye visuals are present, but not overwhelming. I can function fairly normally, I am wrapped under the covers. The cannabis has made the mental effects appear the strongest thus far.

T+330 - Headache faint but still there, APAP did next to nothing. 

T+400 - Effects dissipate, beginning to come down

T+430 - Mostly down, still residual effects

T+500 - Light visuals still present. Strobing gone, color enhancement present. Visual static above normal.

T+530 - I smoke more cannabis and relax, I try to integrate the experience. Vasoconstriction present, 

T+600 - Down. Still wished I had dosed higher, but it was right to exercise caution.

That brings things to a close. Oral route was lacking, rectal administration would have been optimal but I did not want a jarring onset. Experience lasted approximately ~6 hours with ~3 more hours of after effects. Got about 8 hours of sleep. I wake up refreshed and energized. I hit the gym and exercise for a few hours. Visual static elevated, but visuals field normal for the most part.

anonymous asked:

Swim bought 2cb thinking it was lsd but totally was not disappointed. Although swim wishes he could find real lsd. Have you tried 2cb/ can swim still find it online at a place that ships safely to the U.S.?

I do not really give away sources for research chemicals/scheduled substances unless it is in the form of harm reduction (for example stay away from X vendor as they are misrepresenting what they are vending). It is still possible to find 2C-B from reputable Chinese vendors (if they do not have it in stock consider an inquiry about custom synthesis). It helps to speak Mandarin when dealing with such labs/vendors.

You could look on the darknet markets for halogenated phenethylamines. I do not use them so I cannot provide advice on these marketplaces. See to verify if a vendor is legitimate (goes for clear and darknet). Importing personal amounts of a scheduled substance will result in a customs letter stating that it was seized, otherwise known as a love letter.Importing large amounts will result in a controlled delivery. Look into domestic sources of 2C-B on the darknet, unless you are willing to risk importation via clearnet. If you do order from a foreign vendor, consider using the services of a reshipper lessen the chances of confiscation. 

You also likely received 25B-NBOMe (or another NBOMe) instead of 2C-B. An active dose of 2C-B cannot really fit on blotter paper (if you received blotter tabs). Perhaps consider getting an Elrich test kit to verify that future purchases actually contain Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (check out BunkPolice or Dancesafe).

anonymous asked:

thank you! that did help. i have another question however, why dose the 2c-x family substitute halogens on the 4 position as apposed to another molecule attached at the amine? dose this have to do with the octet rule?

The 2C-X series has substitutions on the 4 position in order to enhance stability, potency, and duration. The substitutions change the lipophilicity of the resulting compound, which is tied to potency as Nichols discusses in Correlation of Psychotomimetic Activity of Phenethylamines and Amphetamines with1-Octanol-Water Partition Coefficients. Here is a link to Quantitative approach to biochemical structure-activity relationships by C. Hansch which should give even more information, although I’m fairly sure it is behind a paywall. I do not believe this has much to do with the octet rule as bromine as well as iodine (in reference to 2C-B and 2C-I) have atomic numbers greater than 20 (35 and 53 respectively). Sorry I took so long to reply, I wanted to give a (hopefully) sufficient answer :)