psychedelic ducks

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Au where Aleron and Theomedes (I know I spelled that wrong probably shh) are embarrassing Dad™ friends who play golf together, drink beer, and dance horribly. They chaperone school dances and wear matching ugly button up shirts. The only disagreement they ever have is who gets to pay for the Lamen wedding.

oh. my. GOD.

THIS ^^^^

theomedes and aleron are presidents of rival companies but they’re absolute besties. they’re always wearin awful barbecue dad shirts. probably hawaiian print. both damen and laurent before the wedding are begging “god please dad just for one day just for one fucking day wear something respectable”. theo and aleron turn up in identical suits, literally the exact same suit, with absolutely horrendous ties. i’m talking psychedelic floral print. donald duck. probably have those annoying shock gum practical joke things and at the reception they get absolutely plastered. 

meanwhile their wives are fashionable as fuck. egeria owns 50% of the business and is a highly sought after architect. hennike has her own business. it’s a fashion label. they collaborate once and it’s glorious. it’s probably sportswear. inundated with calls for them to do it again. outfits always so on point that high society wonders how the fuck aleron and theo managed to land them because these two gorgeous women, hairs only out of place if they’re meant to be, lookin fierce, artisan coffees worth more than ur mortgage, roll up besides two nerds in old man shorts and crocs who make shitty jokes all the time and won’t stop embarrassing their sons. auguste lives n is in a constant state of mildly amused by everything. gets calls from laurent at least twice a week “oh my god you won’t believe what they’ve done now it involves two circus horses, three litres of paint and public indecency.”